DN!, FSRN Return to Air

We’re pleased to report that satellite reception of Pacifica-syndicated programming has improved considerably with the slowly-warming Pittsburgh weather, to the point where Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News are now expected to return to normal programming without further service interruptions.  Thanks for your continued patience during this month’s unexpected weather!

Programming Note

Due to recent severe weather conditions, our ability to receive Pacifica-syndicated programming, including Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News, has been greatly reduced.  This reduced reception is unlikely to improve until the heavy precipitation has cleared and sufficient amounts of snow have melted, as each of these factors affect our satellite reception of these programs.

Please bear with us as our volunteer staff works to restore regular service and bring these programs back on-air.

Pittsburgh IMC coverage of the G20 Summit on WRCT

WRCT is teaming up with the Pittsburgh IMC (the fine folks that bring you Rustbelt Radio) to bring you live coverage of the G20 summit thru Sunday, September 27.  IMC coverage will air during breaks in WRCT’s programming, and can be streamed on-demand at http://www.indypgh.org.  You can also contribute to the G-Infinity project directly, by adding your own reports of summit events to IMC’s ongoing coverage.

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