Vinylthon 2024!

Saturday, April 20 WRCT is joining other college and community radio stations in celebrating Vinyl records! Vinylthon!

From 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., WRCT DJs will be combing the WRCT library and their own collections to play nothing but 33 & 45 RPM records. That’s right: live DJs spinning records for you our listeners!

Tune in to WRCT, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh for this special event, also streaming from Saturday April 20, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. — wall to wall live DJs spinning real records! Vinylthon 2024!

ANATOMY OF THE EAR: November 10 – 12

WRCT proudly presents Anatomy of the Ear this Friday through Sunday November 10 – 12! This year’s schedule is packed with a variety of music you don’t want to miss!

During our Anatomy of the Ear celebration, 57 WRCT hosts will take turns spinning tracks from some of their favorite music genres; each hour will feature a different musical genre!

So, tune in to 88.3 FM from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Friday through Sunday (early Monday) for hour-long musical blocks of the genres you love mixed with ones you never knew you were missing: From Space Shanties and Vintage Cumbias to Jersey Club and Egg Punk! Tune in as our DJs come together to showcase the unique variety that WRCT has to offer. What new genres will you discover?

Thanks very much to Spirit (Friday), and Sidecar (Saturday) and Millie’s (Sunday) for underwriting this year’s Anatomy of the Ear!

Don’t miss it! All happening November 10 -12 (well, into the wee hours of the 13th, too!) on 88.3 FM, Pittsburgh, or streaming from this very website!

Anatomy of the Ear Schedule

Friday, November 10
11:00 AMEastern Bloc Big-Beat
NoonWitch Pop
1:00 PMFourth World
2:00 PMSteampunk
3:00 PMSpace Shanties
4:00 PM70s Classic Rock
5:00 PMLo-fi Indie
6:00 PMk-indie
7:00 PMArabic Indie
8:00 PMYearncore
9:00 PMOrgancore
10:00 PMSlowgaze
11:00 PMShoehop
Saturday, November 11
Midnight90s RnB
1:00 AMRhumba
2:00 AMLatin Pop
3:00 AMBig Band
11:00 AMVintage Cumbias
1:00 PMBubblegrunge
2:00 PMDream Pop
3:00 PMRoots Gospel
4:00 PMFlamenco Fusion
5:00 PMAmapiano
6:00 PMDrill Techno
7:00 PMElectro
8:00 PMJazz House
9:00 PMSambass
10:00 PMHard Drum
11:00 PMJersey Club
Sunday, November 12
1:00 AM90s Trance
2:00 AMIndustrial Techno
3:00 AMFreestyle
11:00 AMPsychedelic
1:00 PMNeo Shibuya-Kei
2:00 PMHardgroove
3:00 PMJukebox Songs
4:00 PMTwee Pop
5:00 PMElectroacoustic
6:00 PMSoul/Disco Covers
7:00 PMHeavy Indie Rock
8:00 PMEgg Punk
9:00 PMyé-yé
10:00 PMArt Rock
11:00 PMCalifornia Hardcore
Monday, November 13
1:00 AMmusique concrète
2:00 AMUtopian Scholastic
3:00 AMBreakbeat Hardcore

July 26: Mandopalooza!

On Wednesday July 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm, WRCT’s Mandorichard will celebrate his 70th birthday and his 14th year in radio on air! Tune in to for two hours of eclectic folk music followed by an hour of bluegrass music on Whiskey Before Breakfast and then the Black Diamond Show.

In this special edition of his shows, Mando will be joined by 16 artists and about a dozen radio or music colleagues as they all welcome him to his 70s! You’ll hear new music from Pittsburgh-area artists and from artists as far away as Michigan and North Carolina.

Catch all the excitement, starting at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday July 26 at 88.3 FM, Pittsburgh, or streaming from this very website!

If you missed the original broadcast, it’s up at Mandorichard’s MixCloud page:

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