Spring Schedule has begun!

Once again, it’s time again once more for a new schedule! Yes, here to help keep you warm through the coldest of nights is the WRCT Spring Schedule. We’ve got plenty of the old, the new, and the remade to keep you entertained as you wait for the winter to be over.

We have a new metal show taking over Saturday nights (with “Too Evil” moving to Sunday nights) and a handful of old DJs are making a return to the airwaves (specifically DJ Phinesse, Taste Sensation, DJ Accent, and D-RON).

If you’re looking for some of your favorite shows, check around, they probably just got moved to a different time. But fear not, because many long standing crowd favorites have stayed in place: You can still get your weekly dose of Zombo on Fridays, you can dance your couch to pieces Wednesdays, “Radio 9” and the “ReRewind” still entertain Saturday afternoons, and the Rock Blocksters maintain their hold on Thursday afternoons (though, sadly, “Bridge City Dreamer” is taking a few months off).

I personally guarantee that you will find something listen to on WRCT this semester. And be sure to check back frequently, since we’ll be adding more shows as the semester progresses!

-Ryan, Program Director

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