WRCT and VIA: Bringin’ The Noise

Oh yes, the rumors are true: Two forces of unstoppable good in the Pittsburgh music community have teamed up to lead a full-on music revolution. WRCT is happy to announce its partnership with VIA, a collective of Pittsburgh artists, musicians and event producers merging lights & sounds to create amazing experiences, and we’ve got some exciting things in store.

Starting in September, WRCT will be airing a special VIA feature that will showcase some of our favorite acts appearing at VIA along with exclusive interviews and other marvelous content — oodles and oodles of content, to be exact! And we’ll even be giving away tickets to the festival throughout September, so you best keep your radio tuned to 88.3 if you want to see Battles, Four Tet, Dam-Funk, FaltyDL, Underground Resistance and a slew of other artists and performers courtesy of WRCT.

As VIA so eloquently put it: If WRCT and VIA were both people, we’d do that handshake where you rub the other person’s palm with your middle finger. We might have met our soulmate. via-pgh.com. Check it out.

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