Soundtap: The Home Stretch

Time is ticking away and we’re so close to claiming victory in Soundtap Madness. We’ve got a lot of ground to make up, but given last night’s success on the streams, we should be able to truly do this! Keep listening and tell your friends because there’ll be a special program from 1-3 AM for all you folks tuning in.

If you’d like to make any requests, shout out or the like, call 412 621 9728 or instant message wrct883 via AIM to make sure that they go on the air.

And here’s something for the graph lovers amongst you, track us in real time. WRUV has gained some ground on us, so there’s some serious listening to be done. Let’s keep the green above the blue! We know Soundtap has had data collection problems before, so don’t get demoralized by the numbers on their website.

Click for full-size: