Bassist Mark Andes in Court Thursday Nov. 19

Bassist Mark Andes will be appearing on WRCT’s Court’s In Session to chat about the upcoming Firefall reunion album, Comet, and their new single, “Way Back When.”

Mark has an incredible rock’n’roll résumé: Before joining the original Firefall in the 1970s, he’d already kicked butt in Spirit and Canned Heat and then went on to play with Heart in the 1980s — playing on Firefall’s top hits and on Heart’s chart-topping albums. What a career: blues, 1960s avant garde, country rock, and Heart’s rock anthems!

Catch the excitement on Court’s In Session, Thursday, November 19, starting at 8:00 p.m. on 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, or streaming from this very website!

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