Kevin Amos on Tricky’s new album, False Idols

Hi folks. I have been following Tricky for a long time now and I’m so glad that folks are now into him. And…. believe it or not…. he has crossed generations. For those of you unfamiliar with Tricky, his real name is Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws. He puts together music of what people think are different styles of music but are actually the same. One of the things that I gather from talking and listening to people is that folks tend to never follow the evolution of the music and like to follow what is trendy. This music is yet another form of what some of us call “Great Black Music from the ancient to the future” and this is what I expose to folks who check out my program. I am not into being trendy but I am into exposing the creativity of many artists.

The new cd is distributed on the infamous !K7 label, out of Berlin. He is back to being himself as he talked to the folks from in February of this year. “This new album I’ll stand behind every track. I don’t care whether people like it. I’m doing what I want to do, which is what I did with my first record. That’s what made me who I was in the beginning. If people don’t like it, it don’t matter to me because I’m back where I was.” This is his tenth studio album, and it features Antlers’ Peter Silberman, Fifi Rong and Nneka. The first single that was released was Nothing’s Changed features Nneka and Francesca Belmonte jams on Tribal Drums (my personal favorite) as well as other cuts. Be sure to check out the interview with Tricky and watch the official videos.

Post by Kevin Amos.

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