Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News

WRCT listeners,

This Friday, July 26, will be the last day of both Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News broadcasts on WRCT. Both programs are being taken off of the air due to funding problems and a lack of cooperation from the Pittsburgh Campaign for Democracy Now (local organization that raises the money to support the broadcasts) and Pacifica (listener-funded radio network responsible for distributing the programs nationally). It is very expensive for WRCT to air these programs, and without adequate support from PCDN and Pacifica, we can no longer continue to do so.

We know how important these shows are to our Pittsburgh listeners and we sincerely hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible and get both shows back on the air. But to do this, we need cooperation from both PCDN and Pacifica. We’ve been trying to resolve these issues for months and regret that it has gotten to this point, but without support from PCDN and Pacifica we have to take the shows off the air. If you feel strongly about keeping these programs on WRCT, please contact Pacifica and urge them to work with WRCT.

Contact information for Pacifica:

Phone: 510-849-2590
Address: The Pacifica Foundation, 1925 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley CA 94704-1037
Email form:

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