Summer Schedule 2013

As you lounge under your cabana, sipping on a cold drink with an umbrella hanging out at an awkward angle, peering at some distant waves through amber-tinted sunglasses, thinking about how great the lack of serious obligation is (at least for a while), you can’t help but notice that something missing. After some careful thought, you sit up, roll over, and deftly smack your radio. Music comes out. It is quite good. Removing your sunglasses, you squint at the dial on the radio and notice it is tuned to 88.3. Yes, you get reception all the way at the beach.

You call the station and demand “What is this I’m listening to?” The DJ responds, “Why, WRCT’s Summer Schedule, of course!” (presumably followed by the name of some song).

That’s right, all your favorite shows are right there where you left them, and some of your new favorites (they’re there, I made sure) are there as well.

Aren’t you glad WRCT is there to complete your summer? No need to thank us; we know you’d do the same.

— Salem (Program Director)

You can view the full Summer Schedule by clicking “Schedule” above or by clicking here:

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