SXSW: Tumbleweed Wanderers Interview

Could you introduce yourself and your band?

I’m Zak with the Tumbleweed Wanderers here at SXSW. We formed two years ago, we started in the Bay Area, me and Jeremy. We got two other guys to play with us since then. We were working then at the time and then we dropped out of school. Then we just stopped working and went full-time. We’ve been touring since December of 2011 off an on and we recorded an album that we released in July and we’re about to release an EP. We play a lot of soul- and folk-influenced rock and roll.

What projects specifically have you been working on recently?

Well the EP we’re coming out with has been our most recent recording project, it’s called Born Down Welcome. It’s got four songs on it. We just wanted to release some singles that would catch on in the media world. We’re just kind of rolling with it, touring a lot. We just got off a tour opening for Tea Leaf Green, which is kind of a jam band from the 90s. We just did our first tour through the South on our way here, Snowball Festival, we’ve got a lot more festivals coming up this summer.

Could describe how your band evolved and how you all met each other? I know you and Jeremy went to high school together – how did you meet everyone else?

Yeah, so me and Jeremy went to high school together and then, at the very beginning of 2011 I dropped out of school and was kind of working and doing some other stuff like biking around. Then the next quarter – I was at UC Santa Barbara and he was at UC Santa Cruz – he dropped out of school and he wanted to play music so I was like, ‘yeah, let’s play music together.’ So that’s when we started the band. It was initially just the two of us and we would play on the street. But we got our first gig at a little place in Alameda called Roosters Roadhouse and we needed some other people to play with us so we got Daniel, who’s our drummer, and Pat, who’s our keyboard player. We initially just got them for the gig but then it went so well so we just kept them. Since then it’s just been…playing a lot of music (laughs).

Do you have any plans for the future? Do you know where you want your band to go yet?

I mean, we’re kind of working towards just keeping playing music and touring a lot. Obviously we’re always trying to reach more fans. Just keep playing, I guess. It’s going well.

Who are your greatest influences? Do you write all of your own music?

Well we do covers every once in a while but we’re mostly all original music. Jeremy, Rob and I are the main songwriters, but recently it’s been a very collaborative process in terms of the way song writing goes. Modern bands we would compare ourselves to would be, like, My Morning Jacket, Delta Spirit, Dawes, all those bands we’ve been able to see in the past couple of days. Jim James we saw last night. Other bands like Dr. Dog, Edward Sharpe. Those are the current bands I would compare ourselves to. But we have a lot of older influences, like a lot of soul music, blue grass, rock and roll, all that stuff.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

We’re releasing our new EP on April 26th at The Independent in San Francisco, so we’re really excited for that.

Interview by Chloe Lula.

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