SXSW: Red Bull Party

At 3 a.m. in Pittsburgh, it’s tough to find something to do. When you’re hyped up after an awesome show, it’s usually a given that you will either find yourself drinking at your kitchen table or, more often, asleep on the couch. This was not the case at SXSW. On the night of March 14th, I discovered the Red Bull After-party, a post-midnight oasis at the end of a downtown alleyway.

Though the festivities occurred every night last week, I only discovered it at the close of the Fool’s Gold record label showcase at Emo’s (featuring artists such as Classixx, Oliver, and A-Trak). The open-air space was well-suited to the 70 degree Austin evening, featuring a bar adorned with Christmas lights (and free Red Bull), candlelit outdoor fire pits, and a number of silver trailers renovated to resemble small lounges. My friends and I immediately ventured towards the trailers, sitting atop plush red pillows and surrounding ourselves in richly-colored curtains. In addition to the free Red Bull and the welcoming ambiance, the people were generally friendly and social. The laid-back tenor of the gathering was the perfect chill out after a night of concert-going, and I left at 5:30 a.m. with a phone full of new numbers and a head full of caffeine.

My point is this: while there were certainly a plethora of amazing concerts to see at the festival, this party may have been one of the best functions that I attended all week. So, if you are fortunate enough to take part next year, don’t forget to consider some of the more interesting – and less obvious – events that will be right under your nose.

Post by Chloe Lula.

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