MMW: The Mountain Goats

Artist: The Mountain Goats

Description: Mostly lo-fi emotionally rich songs. Sounds best after obsessively
replaying each track until they become as familiar as your own personal memories. If you tried to condense the Odyssey into a three minute song, you would have the start to a Mountain Goats album.

Going to Georgia – Zopilote Machine
Golden Boy – Ghana
Then the Letting Go – Nothing for Juice
Hand Ball – Protein Source of the Future… Now!
The Monkey Song – Protein Source of the Future… Now!
Woke up New – Get Lonely
Quito – We Shall All Be Healed
Horseradish Road – The Coroner’s Gambit
Star Dusting – Bitter Melon Farm
Love Love Love – The Sunset Tree
Snow Owl – Full Force Galesberg
Cry for Judas – Transcendental Youth

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