MMW: Paradise Lost

Artist: Paradise Lost

Description: They formed in Halifax, England in 1988. Early on they were a pioneer along with the other bands My Dying Bride and Anathema in England playing a blend of Doom and Death metal. Later on in the 90’s and 00’s they experimented with Gothic and Electronic sounds. At one point they were considered as popular, and to be a successor in metal to Metallica in Europe. They never made in as big in the US, probably due to a lack of touring the US. Recently they have moved back towards their earlier Death/Doom sound.

Hear it: “Too Evil to Have a Human Name” Sundays at 7 p.m.

“Nuclear Abomination (Live)” (Drowned in Darkness- Early Demos, Originally from Plains of Desolation Demo 1988)
“Paradise Lost” (Lost Paradise 1990)
“Dead Emotion” (Gothic 1991)
“Joys of Emptiness” (Icon 1993)
“True Belief” (Icon 1993)
“The Last Time (Live)” (Draconian Times MMXI 2011, Originally from Draconian Times 1995)
“Honesty in Death” (Tragic Idol 2012)

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