MMW: The Dictators

The Dictators were a heavy band. They combined heavy metal, garage rock, and junk food culture in the early 1970’s creating a template for punk, especially the Ramones. Their songs were offensive and loud with titles such as “Master Race Rock” and “Teengenerate” sung by, “secret weapon”, Handsome Dick Manitoba, though Adny Shernoff sung most of the early songs. The Dictators were one of the first bands, besides the aforementioned Ramones, to be the smart-guys-playing-dumb, and, like the Ramones, were mostly all Jewish. In 2001 the Dictators declared, “I wish Sgt. Pepper never taught the band to play” when they reunited for “D.F.F.D.”. Remember – “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

MMW: Pendulum

Pendulum is an Australian drum and bass band that formed in 2002. Since then, they have had three studio albums, and are most noted for their song “Witchcraft”. Unlike many drum and bass artists, they include many lyrics in their music, guitars, and a few slower songs. I feel it’s a good introduction to those who have never witnessed the awesomeness of the drum and bass sound.

MMW: Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett was a founding member of Pink Floyd. He was the frontman and the main songwriter in the early years (before prisms and pigs and all of that). After being ousted from the band for strange and schizophrenic behavior, believed to be caused by a heavy reliance on psychedelic drugs such as LSD, he recorded two solo albums and many, many outtakes. Disappearing into the countryside in the late 70’s, he became a mythical figure who loved painting, gardening, and bicycling. Most of his songs are whimsical or childish and are about fairy tales or love.

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