MMW: Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles is an instrumental rock band formed in England in 1983. Their music has been described as progressive, electronic, psychedelic, space rock, dub, world music, and livetronica. They have over 20 full albums out and numerous singles and EPs, with the most recent being 2011’s “Paper Monkeys”. They moved to the US (Colorodo) in 2012, and frequent lineup changes over the years has turned the band into a kind of family band with Ed Wynne (guitar / keyboard and the only original member still in the band), his wife Brandi on bass, and son Silas on keys. Hungarian Bal√°zs Szende is listed as the current drummer, but this changes often. Recommended if you like Pink Floyd, Lotus, STS9, Hawkwind, Shpongle.

Hear it: Couch Dancing with DJ Firefly, Wednesdays 2-5p.m.