SXSW: Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run is a band best delivered live. For three guys, they exude energy and skill unlike any band I’ve ever seen. They have music running through their veins. This is especially apparent in their song “Call Me In The Afternoon.” The lead singer ditches his guitar for a drum and a cymbal, the keyboardist picks up a guitar, the drummer plays drums and keys and they bring a fourth member onstage to augment this percussion-laden song. All four people onstage sing and create one of the best-performed songs I’ve ever seen. Below is a live version from their tour with Metric.

Aside from this, Half Moon Run delivered a soulful and skillful performance of their unique brand of dark folk. Their show was delivered at an event that involved lots of socializing, but by the end of their show, the audience had turned from their side conversations to watch the band with rapt attention and appreciation. If ever anyone gets a chance to go see Half Moon Run, it’s well worth the time and money.

Post by Kyle Henson. His DJ show “The Roots of Pop” airs Sundays at 6 p.m.