SXSW: Neon Indian (DJ set)

Neon Indian (Alan Palomo DJ Set) @ Hipstamatic House

Early afternoon some of us from WRCT caught Alan Palomo, lead of Neon Indian, over at the Hipstamatic House for a funky DJ set. Palomo incorporated a lot of classic disco, funk, and 80s synth-pop into his set that was perfect for the sunny outdoor vibes of the location. Though the set was supreme there was one lingering question in my head: Where is the rest of the band?

Fortunately after the set Palomo was kind enough to stay around and talk. It turns out that Palomo and the band has been working on a third album and it sounded like they all needed a break. Palomo also mentioned after three years of coming to SXSW as a band, he did not want to subject him or the band to the stresses of the festival. To set up a full band multiple times a day, all week can be an exhausting proposition. By doing a DJ Set, Palomo has been able to have a more enjoyable SXSW experience, he said. With less equipment to lug around, he can easily perform all week without much stress.

I think a testament to Palomo’s new found enjoyment was how fun his set was. He seemed really relaxed while nodding his head to the beats, while the crowd danced along. Though the music he was playing was not his typical chillwave, the vibe that it created was the same. It seemed like many of the songs that he played might have inspired the music he makes. So it was interesting to pry inside his mind through the songs he chose. I highly recommend seeing Palamo do a DJ set if you have the chance and check out the third Neon Indian album when that drops.

Post by Sam Friedlander. His DJ show “____lander” airs Thursdays at 1 a.m.

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