SXSW: Disclosure

Disclosure is comprised of two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, who produce some of the best house/future music out right now. They have been releasing a steady stream of awesome music since 2010, but really picked up their pace in 2012 starting with The Face EP in June. Songs from this EP sent waves throughout internet blogs and has led them onto a fast track to fame. My personal favorite from The Face was the track โ€œWhatโ€™s In Your Head.โ€ Since then, they have released two stellar singles: โ€œLatchโ€ (feat. Sam Smith) and โ€œWhite Noiseโ€ (feat. AlunaGeorge).

The Hype Hotel is a very cool venue sponsored by the Hype Machine; it’s set up on the first floor of the Whitney Hotel in downtown Austin. It feels like a warehouse with its open space, stark concrete materiality, and makeshift restrooms. Despite this seemingly cold setting the stage setup was stunning. The lighting was interesting and versatile enough to host a variety of acts. The venue also had free Taco Bell and drinks โ€” nothing can beat that.

Disclosure came on at the end of the Hype Hotelโ€™s Wednesday event and did not disappoint. Instead of doing a DJ set, they came out with a full percussion setup, DJ equipment, a keyboard, and a bass. One of the brothers took care of all the percussion while the other brother switched between keyboard and bass. As a result, the performance made their music seem much more natural and exciting. At the same time it was clear that they were not performing every aspect of their songs. Regardless, it was impressive that they were treading new ground for producers by performing live. The first song they performed was even sung by one of the brothers, which really helped them connect with the audience. From then on, each song got more people dancing. Every moment of the performance was memorable. Disclosure is one group you should not miss this year.

Post by Sam Friedlander. His DJ show “____lander” airs Thursdays at 1 a.m.

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