MMW: Watain

Artist: Watain

Description: They formed in Uppsala Sweden in 1998 performing Black Metal influenced mainly by other Swedish bands such as Bathory and Dissection, although their name comes from a song by the obscure American black metal band Von. Their most recent album Lawless Darkness (2010) won the Swedish Grammy award for Best Hard Rock in 2011. Their signature live trademark is performing covered in animal blood. They have been banned many times for this.

Hear it: “Too Evil to Have a Human Name” Sundays at 7 p.m.

“The Essence of Black Purity” (The Essence of Black Purity EP 1999)
“Puzzles of Flesh” (Casus Luciferi 2003)
“Sworn to the Dark” (Sworn to the Dark 2007)
“Stellavore (Live)” (Opus Diaboli 2012, Originally on Sworn to the Dark 2007)
“Malfeitor” (Lawless Darkness 2010)
“On Horns Impaled” (Rabid Death’s Curse 2000)