MMW: Andy Stott

Artist: Andy Stott

Description: Andy Stott is a DJ and producer from Manchester, UK. Since his debut Replace EP in 2005, he has released four full-length albums, five more EPs, and several singles. Drawing inspiration from the usual dub techno suspects and fusing them with minimalist ideals and bathwater-warm melodies and textures, Stott’s tracks offer a deep home listening experience, as well as the requisite punch to make club floors move. Blessed with an ear for space and a knack for constructing tracks that are simultaneously smooth and rumbling, Stott neatly strides the axis between intelligent techno, dub techno and dubstep.

“Blocked” from Merciless
“Herztog” from Merciless
“Handle With Care” from Unknown Exception
“Dark Details” from Passed Me By
“Posers” from We Stay Together
“Numb” from Luxury Problems

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