On Wednesday, March 14, Cheer Up Charlie’s stage on East 6th St. in Austin was terrorized by CHRISTEENE. Backed by dancers C-BABY and T-GRAVEL, along with DJ JJ BOOYA, CHRISTEENE’s performance was centered around a broke ass grunge aesthetic smeared with sweat and sensuality. CHRISTEENE’s performances are full of the fury of the most aggressive metal, oscillating between whimsy and rage with unsettling speed.

When CHRISTEENE hit the stage, it was serious business. The music had a serious edge that wavered on fanaticism. The lyrics took front stage, tackling gender roles, race, sexuality, celebrity, religion, and morality by combining a hyper sexual aesthetic and grotesque aggression with electro, R&B, hip hop and dubstep.

CHRISTEENE, the drag persona of Austin-based performer Paul Soileau, embodies the primal rage of a neanderthal channeled through the self-obsession of the contemporary American woman.

Fans of Peaches, Die Antwoord, and Big Freedia are sure to appreciate CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to launch and release their first album. The album has been in the works for two years.

A year and a half ago, CHRISTEENE set up a kickstarter to help fund the production of videos for “African Mayonaise” video along with “Bustin’ Brown.” The success of those campaigns is the core motivation to reach out to their fans via Kickstarter again to help make their album a reality.

During their set on Wednesday, the four tore the crowd apart with the ferociously incisive reflection on the sexualized cult of fame. African Mayonaise. It sure is a crowd pleasure.

Post by Juan Fernandez

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