MMW: tUnE-yArDs

tUnE-yArDs will be played on MMW at 2 a.m. Saturday.

tUnE-yArDs are Merrill Garbus (who sings, plays ukelele, tambourine and drums, and uses a looping pedal) and her bassist, Nate Brenner (and occasionally a saxophone section). Their w h o k i l l album, which came out in April, was my favorite album of 2011.

I’m going to play a few tracks from that album, including “Bizness,” “Gangsta,” “Doorstep,” “You Yes You,” and “Wooly Wolly Gong.” Unfortunately, a few songs from that album β€” including “Powa,” “My Country,” and “Killa” β€” are not FCC safe, but I definitely encourage people to check those out if you are interested in this band. I’m also playing a song that doesn’t appear on w h o k i l l but on its own EP, as performed live in the studio for the record label 4AD: β€œReal Live Flesh.” This song builds off layered nonsense syllables and drum loops made with a looping pedal.

Here are a couple of the tracks I’ll be playing, so you can check them out with minimal effort:

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