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Brian RurykTough CrowdTotally Wired; New Prog Direction
Creep Of ParisKaraoke World I and IIKaraoke World II
Deepkiss 720 & The Vitamin B12s/t#5, untitled
Derek PiotrMicrocassetteMicrocassette remix
Fat Worm of ErrorBroodsBroods
Francois DufresneCri RythmesPour La Montre, Et Contre (1967)
Jerome NoetingerSur quelques mondes etrangesWhite horse against UFO's
Lauren Sarah HayesEmbraceKill The Cop In Your Head
LexagonFeminine CareLick My
MarsRehearsal Tapes and Alternate Takes NYC 1976​-​1978Immediate Stages Of The Erotic
Naoto OgawaPortable PunkAccident Of Love
Nichola ScruttonThe Arias Aria for Breath and Glass
Orchid SpangiaforaElectronic MusicSyllabus
Petr VálekPink Albumxxx
phil milsteinTapewormHey, Hold It! Bailiff!
PossetThe WaterworkersA Natural Fidget
Remko Scha And The MachinesAs Is - Guitar Mural #14Lick
Severed HeadsCity Slab HorrorCyflea, Rated R
Territorial GussetLe Crepe PissMilk Fairy
Tristan MurailDesintegrations (excerpt)
Various ArtistsPoesie Sonore 1979Paul de Vree: "Magdalena, Appassionata, Lettervrouw 1956, 1956, 1960