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Tristan MurailDesintegrations (excerpt)
Remko Scha And The MachinesAs Is - Guitar Mural #14Lick
Fat Worm of ErrorBroodsBroods
Severed HeadsCity Slab HorrorCyflea, Rated R
Francois DufresneCri RythmesPour La Montre, Et Contre (1967)
Orchid SpangiaforaElectronic MusicSyllabus
Lauren Sarah HayesEmbraceKill The Cop In Your Head
LexagonFeminine CareLick My
Creep Of ParisKaraoke World I and IIKaraoke World II
Territorial GussetLe Crepe PissMilk Fairy
Derek PiotrMicrocassetteMicrocassette remix
Petr VálekPink Albumxxx
Various ArtistsPoesie Sonore 1979Paul de Vree: "Magdalena, Appassionata, Lettervrouw 1956, 1956, 1960
Naoto OgawaPortable PunkAccident Of Love
MarsRehearsal Tapes and Alternate Takes NYC 1976​-​1978Immediate Stages Of The Erotic
Deepkiss 720 & The Vitamin B12s/t#5, untitled
Jerome NoetingerSur quelques mondes etrangesWhite horse against UFO's
phil milsteinTapewormHey, Hold It! Bailiff!
Nichola ScruttonThe Arias Aria for Breath and Glass
PossetThe WaterworkersA Natural Fidget
Brian RurykTough CrowdTotally Wired; New Prog Direction