When The Hand Goes Up, The Mouth Goes Shut with Neil
Wed Jan 22, 2003 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
MicrowavesSystem 21983
Keith Fullerton WhitmanPlaythroughsACGTR SVP
Run OnStart PackingAs Good As New
SilkwormItalian PlatinumBourbon Beard
FuzzheadI Saw the Best Minds of My Generation RockBurnout
The Roots of GamelanBali, 1928Colin McPhee's Gamelan Transcriptions
Thee Speaking CanariesSongs for the Terrestrially Challenged/hifiEl Rancho
Thalia ZedekYou're A Big Girl NowEverything Unkind
Oneida / LiarsAtheists, ReconsiderFantastic Morgue
Various ArtistsCast Exotic Vol. 1 - Music for the Psyche-EyeMetabolismus -- "Still a Loser"
Ron HouseObsessedMy Heart
Six Finger SatelliteSevere ExposureParlour Games
Ekkehard EhlersEkkehard Ehlers Playsseveral
BlunderbussLive @ WRCT 12/2/02The Burning Bellhop
DeerhoofReveilleThis Magnificent Bird Will Rise
The Aluminum GroupHappynessTiny Decision
Lifter PullerSoft RockViceburgh
SixtoSixtoYou Live in a Place of Whores