When The Hand Goes Up, The Mouth Goes Shut with Neil
Wed Jan 22, 2003 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
Oneida / LiarsAtheists, ReconsiderFantastic Morgue
The Roots of GamelanBali, 1928Colin McPhee's Gamelan Transcriptions
Various ArtistsCast Exotic Vol. 1 - Music for the Psyche-EyeMetabolismus -- "Still a Loser"
Ekkehard EhlersEkkehard Ehlers Playsseveral
The Aluminum GroupHappynessTiny Decision
FuzzheadI Saw the Best Minds of My Generation RockBurnout
SilkwormItalian PlatinumBourbon Beard
BlunderbussLive @ WRCT 12/2/02The Burning Bellhop
Ron HouseObsessedMy Heart
Keith Fullerton WhitmanPlaythroughsACGTR SVP
DeerhoofReveilleThis Magnificent Bird Will Rise
Six Finger SatelliteSevere ExposureParlour Games
SixtoSixtoYou Live in a Place of Whores
Lifter PullerSoft RockViceburgh
Thee Speaking CanariesSongs for the Terrestrially Challenged/hifiEl Rancho
Run OnStart PackingAs Good As New
MicrowavesSystem 21983
Thalia ZedekYou're A Big Girl NowEverything Unkind