Consolidation with Dan Strange
Wed May 31, 2023 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
Brown AngelAgonal HarvestDid You Ever Even Need Me?
Photay with Carlos NinoAn OfferingExist
FuzznautApopheniaHawks Over Fifth
Various ArtistsArtoffact Records 2022 SamplerTunic - "Rituals"
Carr, Burhans, and JensenAugust DreamsOvernight Crossing
Silver MothBlack BaySedna
These BeastsCares, Wills, WantsTen Dollars and Zero Effort
High FellsCatharsisLingering
The Bug Vs. EarthConcrete DesertDon't Walk These Streets
Franck RacketDark AgesSame Old Song
Phantom FireEminente Lucifer LibertadRitual
Bruce LamontFeral Songs For The Epic DeclineOne Who Stands On The Earth
Off!Free LSDMurder Corporation
OlexiHouseBasement Freezer
Zeena ParkinsLaceLace 2. Necklace-Swell-X
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsLand of SleeperPipe Down!
CanLive in StuttgartStuttgart 75 Vier
Various ArtistsMind Over Metal 3: Volume 2Arghan Haze - "Satan Ripper"
Damon Locks & Rob MazurekNew Future City RadioYes!
OfermodOfermodian LitaniesMundus Imaginalis
Bull of Apis Bull of BronzeOfferings of Flesh and GoldBull of Apis and Bull of Bronze
NansarunaiRuins of the Moonlight TempleThe Superstitious Doctrines of Fire and Sword
Hypno5eSheolLava from the Sky
SussSUSSEverything Is So Beautiful
Mares of ThraceThe ExileOnward Ever Onward
Shores of NullThe Loss of BeautyDestination Woe
The NecksThreeBloom
ImmortalWar Against AllThunders of Darkness
Porta NigraWeltendeEs is Krieg