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Evil MoistureEarless Childbirth1
Tim Olive & Matt AtkinsDissipatio1
Jesse Paul MillerSounds of Secret Records4
Bardo Todol/PossetInternational Dictaphone RelationsBardo Todol: "Monofonia"
Undecisive GodRPMs 2Click and Forbode
Brian Ruryk12 Chairs for Chu ChuFor Freddie Sharlamour (With BBomit)
Tom White & Maya DunietzSummer CrashJosephine
Territorial GussetOblong Suchong
Dylan Nyoukis & Seymour GlassNo One Cares About The Drama Queen's Potassium Intakepart 1
Peter HandkeRadioplaypart 2
Natalia BeylisProphecy of The Beetle
Various ArtistsVideo games of The Twentieth CenturyTape Beatles: "Earlids"
Don & Camille DietrichDietrichsThe Decapitator Suite - Prelude