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Abbey On Butler Street, 4635 Butler Street, Lawrenceville :: November 17, 5-10pm
Evening mass is an outdoor art market presented by The Abbey On Butler St. that features more than 25 vendors, food, drink, a photo booth and Music by DJ Shawn Watson.

It happens on November 17th from 5pm to 10pm on the Arcade side of The Abbey On Butler Street in Lawrenceville, 4635 Butler St. For more information, visit

Shiloh Center, 3832 Mintwood Street, Lawrenceville :: November 25
Steel City Squares hosts monthly square dances this fall. Dances are beginner and family-friendly traditional Appalachian squares with a live band and caller. No experience is necessary, all dances are taught. Doors + potluck + open old-time jam at 7; Dance at 8.November 25
Band: Steel City Squares Stringband
Caller: Becky Hill
Info and RSVP

All of the dances take place at Shiloh Center (3832 Mintwood St in Lawrenceville). More information about Steel City Square is posted on Facebook or email

Rodef Shalom Congregation, Oakland :: Now to November 26
Quantum Theater presents The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk (The Chagall Musical), directed and Choreographed by Gustavo Zajac with Music Direction by Douglas Levine. The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk (The Chagall Musical) is a remarkable Klezmer musical by Daniel Jamieson and Ian Ross based on the love story of artist Marc Chagall and his poet wife, Bella. Staged at Rodef Shalom congregation, the fantasy fairytale takes its name from the Lithuanian city in which Chagall was born in 1887 and for the relationship memorialized in countless of his paintings. On whimsical sets, Marc and Bella are the picture of romance, floating over a Russian village or the Eiffel Tower. Although they are often seen flying on canvases, in life they sloughed through some of the most devastating years of Jewish history, navigating pogroms, the Russian Revolution, and the Holocaust. The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk (The Chagall Musical) will be presented on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Rodef Shalom congregation at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Morewood Avenue in Oakland from now to November 26.
Miller ICA Gallery, CMU campus :: Now to December 10
The Miller Institute for Contemporary Art hosts Impossible Music, bringing together sounds, scores, sculptures, video, and live performances to extend discourses on conceptual and experimental music and explore its intersections across different art forms. Also available for listening is a potlatch record listening station to make audible those songs rendered illegal under the “potlatch bans,” which outlawed Native North American ceremonies in the United States and Canada. Shown together, the songs, scores, and artworks in the exhibition address the complexity of music as well as moments in human history that led to the creation of new sounds, including the sound of resistance.

On display now through December 10, The Miller ICA gallery is located on the CMU campus. More information at

5472 Penn Avenue, Bloomfield-Garfield :: Now to December 21
Patterns can be found everywhere from nature to science, art, and more. A new exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center called This is Becoming a Pattern is a collection of works by six innovative artists from around the world, who push patterns in new directions. Pattern techniques have been used for thousands of years, adorning some of the earliest known glass objects. Through technical and creative innovations, patterns in glass have continued to evolve with each new generation of maker. Each artist in the exhibition uses a combination of color, tone, composition, and texture in a contemporary exploration of a traditional theme.

This is Becoming a Pattern is on display now through December 21 at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Avenue in Bloomfield-Garfield. More information is available at

980 Liberty Avenue, Downtown :: Now to January 21, 2024
The August Wilson African American Cultural Center presents Onna-Bugeisha: Warriors of Light, featuring the captivating works of Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Tim Okamura. This exhibition marks Okamura’s first major institutional solo exhibition and features a series of large-scale works, paintings, and installations. Tim Okamura imagines an alternate reality – a society that closely mirrors our own, which was once liberated and equitable, but is now experiencing a rapid descent into a state of oppression due to the rise in power of an authoritarian regime. It is under these conditions, in a shift towards a riotous dystopia, that an astounding development has occurred: the sudden appearance of a clandestine group of women warriors – freedom fighters guided by the Bushido, or Code of the Samurai – sworn to battle back the forces of persecution and injustice at all costs.

On display now through January 21 at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center, 980 Liberty Avenue, Downtown. For more information, please visit

Various locations, Downtown :: Now to February 11
937 LIBERTY gallery presents Divinity/Femininity, the first US solo exhibition of the Zimbabwean contemporary artist, Akudzwe Elsie Chiwa whose multidisciplinary practice explores themes of migrant identity, femininity, and Afro-Feminisms. Chiwa’s exhibition reimagines erased histories and explores the question “do we have the right to define the divine?” On display now through November 19 at 937 Liberty Avenue, Downtown.819 GALLERY is exhibiting Analog Holiday by Jesse Best, a contemporary American artist and designer living in Pittsburgh. His style reflects a material driven process with a focus on acrylic, spray paint, wood and resin. Showing his recent work inspired by the technology and design approach of the midcentury industrial boom. On display October 20 through December 10 at 819 Penn Avenue, Downtown.

707 GALLERY presents Death of a Lunar Cult featuring twelve new paintings by Zach Brown which reference the different epochs and shifts from lunar to solar worship throughout history. When making these works, Brown was deeply inspired by a variety of ancient Greek mystery schools and early Gnostic writings. The works in this exhibition explore varied and combined themes and symbols related to the apollonian and Dionysian, the lunar and solar, the cult of Orpheus, the rights of Mithras, the writings of Toth Hermes Trismegistus, and the cult of Serpais. On display now through January 7 at 707 Penn Avenue, Downtown.

WOOD STREET GALLERIES is showing Workflow, the first institutional solo exhibition of artist Jenson Leonard, centers on a titular film that explores the velocity and momentum of Blackness as it relates to the philosophical concept of acceleration—the notion that the only way out of capitalism is through its intensification. On display now through February 11 at 601 Wood Street, Downtown.

820 GALLERY features MS User by Anisha Baid, an artist and writer from Kolkata, India who is currently pursuing her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University. Baid’s practice investigates pervasive technologies through an examination of their design, diversity of use, and their relationship with ideas from science fiction. This exhibition will present a selection of recent work that explores the history of computer interfaces and will feature video, performance installations, and sound works. The works selected for the exhibition are informed by her interest in digital vernaculars – the process by which new tools and metaphors are appropriated by communities (specifically in urban South Asia) to generate hybrid aesthetic functions. On display October 13 through February 18 at 820 Liberty Avenue, Downtown.

For more information about the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, visit


Allegheny Elks Lodge #339, 400 Cedar Avenue, North Side :: Every Wednesday at 8 PM
Stop by the Pittsburgh Banjo Club’s regular rehearsal every Wednesday at 8 PM and enjoy their wonderful music. Food and refreshments are available.

Founded in 1988, the Pittsburgh Banjo Club is an all-volunteer band and organization that uses banjos, trumpets, tubas, and bass to perform popular music from the 1920s and 1930s.The Pittsburgh Banjo Club rehearses at the Allegheny Elks Lodge on Cedar Avenue in the North Side.

Reservations must be made by Tuesday at 5PM for each Wednesday event. Call (412) 321-1834 for reservations.

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