Music Calendar

If you represent a Pittsburgh-related musician, band, or venue and would like us to list your event(s) in our music calendar, please send email with all the details (date, time, place, and performers) to The calendar is updated each week on Wednesday afternoon.

Mon 03-27-23
7:00pm Roboto Project City Mouse + Zach Quinn (PEARS) + Death Kill Overdrive w/ Plasmid
7:30pm O’Reilly Theater Carole J. Bufford
8:00pm Government Center Godcaster / Gundy / Joey Molinaro
Tue 03-28-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Lynn Speakman Ensemble
5:30pm Roxian Static-X, Fear Factory, Dope, Twiztid, Cultus Black
8:00pm Black Forge Coffee Hexheart w/ Absynthe of Faith
8:00pm Club Cafe Quasi w/ Bat Fangs
Wed 03-29-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Wheelwright w/ Will Overman, Luxury Machine
8:00pm Thunderbird Satsang w/ Graham Good & The Painters
8:00pm Warhol Museum Yasmin Williams
Thu 03-30-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Razor Braids w/ Water Trash, Tory Silver
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Movement w/ Tropidelic
Fri 03-31-23
6:30pm Black Forge Coffee Andi
6:30pm Stage AE Brett Young w/ Morgan Evans, Ashley Cooke
7:00pm Roboto Project Benefit For Atlanta Forest Defenders feat. Úkost + Bomb Threat + Wasted Space + Mime Etiquette
8:00pm Club Cafe Dead End Streets w/ Wil Kondrich, Tim Vitullo Band
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls The Labra Brothers w/ Pagind Doctor Moon, Sun Champs
8:00pm Government Center Pittsburgh Beat Night feat. C. Scott, pvkvsv, Sturks, JAWNDIRT, NOCASINO (host)
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Magnetic Fields (Night 1 Of 2)
8:00pm Thunderbird Sam Grisman Project
Sat 04-01-23
3:00pm Club Cafe Trapper Schoepp w/ Lounna (Matinee Show)
6:00pm Black Forge Coffee Griffen Handshake / Lilieae / Eye Candy / Herald’s Goose
8:00pm Government Center Shallowhalo / Lys Scott / iCandi / Bri Dominique
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Magnetic Fields (Night 2 of 2)
8:00pm Thunderbird Yam Yam w/ Trailheads, The Roof
9:00pm Collision DEATH QUALIA (Ohm Resistance/Berlin), Seaclones, C. Robo, Heather Harper, Funeral Parade of Roses
Sun 04-02-23
6:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Dilisio, The Redlines, Cherry Tree, Jamie And The Guarded Heart
7:00pm Thunderbird Woodland Creatures (Album Release Show) w/ Cello Fury, The Living Street
8:00pm Club Cafe Jordy Searcy w/ William Hinson, Phillip Vo
Mon 04-03-23
7:00pm Roxian Polyphia
8:00pm Club Cafe Joe Buck Yourself (Hank lll, Legendary Shack Shakers) w/ God’s Green Apples
Tue 04-04-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic George Jones New View Quartet
6:00pm Preserving Underground Suffocation
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Silverstein w/ Dayseeker, Seeyouspacecowboy, One Step Closer
7:00pm Roxian VV
7:30pm Government Center Sky Creature / Murder for Girls / Hemlock for Socrates
8:00pm Club Cafe Ami Dang
8:00pm Thunderbird Jukebox The Ghost w/ Wildermiss
Wed 04-05-23
6:30pm Roxian Queensryche w/ Marty Friedman, Trauma
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee Destroyer Of Light / Temptress / Horehound
7:30pm Crafthouse The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus w/ Kingdom Collapse, 3REE
8:00pm Club Cafe Chris Knight w/ Wil Kondrich
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Dayshift, Stop.Drop.Rewind w/ Jeremy Caywood
Thu 04-06-23
7:00pm Crafthouse Kankan w/ Goonie, Trapmade Jason
7:00pm Stage AE Judah & The Lion w/ Kahone Concept
8:00pm Club Cafe Ellis Paul w/ Radoslav Lorković, Laurie MacAllister (of Red Molly)
8:00pm Thunderbird Papadosio w/ Nast Majest
Fri 04-07-23
6:30pm Black Forge Coffee Archer Oh / Surely Tempo / Subarctic Beach Party
7:00pm Roboto Project The Last Arizona + Designated Survivor w/ Frog Legs + Shay Park
8:00pm Club Cafe Arlo McKinley w/ Darrin Hacquard
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls High Vis
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Lucius w/ Danielle Ponder
8:00pm Thunderbird 49 Winchester
Sat 04-08-23
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee Kingsmen / Among Rivals / ZoneZero
8:00pm Club Cafe BJ Barham (American Aquarium)
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Evanoff
8:00pm Government Center Lake Lake / Melt / Brown Angel / Spirit Bear
8:30pm Crafthouse The Clarks w/ Gene the Werewolf
Sun 04-09-23
1:00pm Crafthouse Koo Koo Kanga Roo
5:00pm Emmanuel Episcopal Church Jazz at Emmanuel: The James Johnson Quartet
8:00pm Thunderbird Health w/ Author & Punisher, ZombieShark!
9:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Caroline Rose w/ Hammydown
Mon 04-10-23
7:00pm Crafthouse Rittz w/ Emilio Rojas, Noble Poets
Tue 04-11-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Thomas Wendt
8:00pm Club Cafe Little Stranger w/ Jarv, Damn Skippy
Wed 04-12-23
6:30pm Stage AE Club Pioneer Records Showcase: Shayna, Hickory Bluff, Bryana Appley
7:30pm Crafthouse Tiny Moving Parts
7:30pm Thunderbird Satan w/ Night Demon, Haunt, Lady Beast
8:00pm Club Cafe David Ramirez w/ Anna Rose
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Frenchy And The Punk w/ Phat Man Dee, Liz Berlin, Amoeba Knievel
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Ripe
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Great Lake Swimmers w/ Emily Rodgers Band, Kevin Finn
Thu 04-13-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Igor & The Red Elvises w/ The Killifish
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Under The Rug, Basic Printer
8:00pm Government Center Data Unknown w/ Silver Car Crash / Gina Gory / Fficus
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Homeboy Sandman w/ Moemaw Naedon, Yusef Shelton, PVKVSV
8:00pm Thunderbird Cruz Contreras of the Black Lilies w/ Two Rivers
Fri 04-14-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Mary Gauthier w/ Jaimee Harris
8:00pm Government Center Timmy’s Organism / The Spectres / Mud City Manglers / Fen Fen
9:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Be Gay [Do Prom]
Sat 04-15-23
1:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Franks And Deans w/ Weird Paul
6:30pm Roxian The Black Dahlia Murder w/ Terror, Frozen Soul
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Joywave w/ Dizzy, Elliot Lee
8:00pm Club Cafe Rhett Miller
8:00pm Thunderbird Chalk Dinosaur w/ BareFuzz, Misaligned Mind
8:00pm Warhol Museum Al Cerulo
Sun 04-16-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Begonia
8:00pm Thunderbird The Heavy Heavy
9:00pm Spirit Lodge Ken Vandermark And Edition 55
Mon 04-17-23
7:00pm Roxian Skinny Puppy w/ Lead Into Gold
8:00pm Club Cafe Sykamore
Tue 04-18-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Max Leake
6:30pm Black Forge Coffee Schaffer The Darklord / Coolzey
6:30pm Stage AE The Summer Set w/ Grayscale, Taylor Acorn
7:30pm Byham Theater Natalie Merchant
8:00pm Club Cafe Field Guide w/ Cece Coakley
8:00pm Thunderbird Michigander w/ Abby Holliday
Wed 04-19-23
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Eyehategod w/ GoatWhorl
7:00pm Roboto Project Teenage Halloween w/ String Machine + Runaway Brother + Molly O’Malley
7:00pm Stage AE Bruce Campbell
8:00pm Club Cafe Jill Sobule
8:00pm Government Center Ghost Funk Orchestra / Truth and Rites / Buscrates
Thu 04-20-23
7:00pm Roboto Project Dollar Signs + Devon Kay & The Solutions w/ Hans Gruber and the Die Hards + The Book Club
7:00pm Stage AE Snarky Puppy w/ Nate Wood
8:00pm ClubCafe Sarah Shook & The Disarmers w/ Scout Gillett
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Perpetual Groove
8:00pm Thunderbird Pink Talking Fish
Fri 04-21-23
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Jazz Upstairs feat. Fusion Illusion, The HR Department, Loren
7:00pm Stage AE Club Cal Scruby
8:00pm Club Cafe Love Ethic (Album Release) w/ Brave New World
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Houndmouth w/ Oliver Hazard
8:00pm Roxian Sullivan King w/ Level Up, Benda
8:00pm Thunderbird Langhorne Slim & John Craigie
Sat 04-22-23
3:00pm Club Cafe Scott Miller (Matinee Show)
7:30pm Spirit Hall Screaming Females w/ Generacion Suicida, The Mimes
8:00pm Club Cafe The Switchblades: A Nefarious Collective
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Jess Klein And The Good Time (Album Release Show)
8:00pm Thunderbird Brooks Nielsen
Sun 04-23-23
6:30pm Black Forge Coffee Tony & Gravel
7:00pm Crafthouse The Slackers w/ Faintest Idea
7:00pm Roboto Project Ultra Deluxe w/ VYLTS + Leonardo Decapitated vs. Morning Dew (Battle Set)
8:00pm Club Cafe Yam Haus w/ Landon Conrath, Will Leet
8:00pm Thunderbird Tim O’Brien & Jan Fabricius
Mon 04-24-23
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee Conjurer
8:00pm Club Cafe Lies
Tue 04-25-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Thomas Wendt
7:00pm Roxian Sunny Day Real Estate
8:00pm Club Cafe Kristine Leschper w/ Nina Ryser (Of Palberta)
8:00pm Thunderbird Covet w/ Scarypoolparty, AltoPalo
Wed 04-26-23
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Shadow Of Intent w/ Brand Of Sacrifice, Bodysnatcher, Boundaries
8:00pm Club Cafe Spotlights w/ Edhochuli, Microwaves
8:00pm Thunderbird Pinback w/ Disheveled Cuss
Thu 04-27-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Chris Trapper (Of The Push Stars)
8:00pm Thunderbird Ruston Kelly w/ Briscoe
Fri 04-28-23
7:00pm Roboto Project Flycatcher
7:00pm Roxian Father John Misty w/ Loren Kramar
8:00pm Club Cafe Parker Milsap w/ Alexa Rose
8:00pm Government Center Merce Lemon / Her Suit / Villagerrr
9:00pm Thunderbird Emalkay w/ Coki, Mr. Yukk, Iamusick, Varden Armstrong
Sat 04-29-23
2:00pm Stage AE Luke Combs w/ Ella Langley, Robyn Ottolini, Jonathan Hutcherson
7:30pm Kelly Strayhorn Theater Guy Davis w/ Ernie Hawkins, Raymond Morin
8:00pm Club Cafe La Cucina (The Kitchen)
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Fortune Cove, Mallory Run, Old Neon, Next Stop Detox
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Built To Spill w/ Prism Bitch, Itchy Kitty
Sun 04-30-23
6:30pm Stage AE Coheed & Cambria w/ Deafheaven
7:00pm Roboto Project Heavenly Blue w/ Leonardo Decapitated + Twin Lakes
7:30pm Thunderbird Meg Myers w/ Weathers, Band Of Silver
8:00pm Crafthouse Ian McConnell
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Charming Disaster w/ Phat Man Dee, Hemlock For Socrates
Mon 05-01-23
6:30pm Roxian The Interrupters w/ Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls, Chuck Ragan
Tue 05-02-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Mark Strickland Trio
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Chelsea Grin w/ Carnifex, Left To Suffer, Ov Sulfur
7:00pm Roboto Project Meat Wave + Kal Marks
7:00pm Stage AE Mac Ayres
7:30pm Crafthouse Caitlyn Smith w/ Alex Hall
8:00pm Club Cafe Rachel Baiman w/ Ol Whitetail
8:00pm Thunderbird The Brook & The Bluff w/ Savannah Conley
Wed 05-03-23
5:30pm Roxian Set It Off w/ Scene Queen, In Her Own Words, Rivals
6:30pm Stage AE August Burns Red w/ The Devil Wears Prada, Bleed From Within
7:00pm Government Center Brian! / Skeletonized / Autoreplicant / Rated Eye
7:00pm Roboto Project Apes of the State + Pigeon Pit w/ Endless Mike and the Beagle Club + Human Petting Zoo
7:30pm Crafthouse Transviolet
8:00pm Club Cafe Grady Spencer & The Work w/ Outside Eliza
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre You’re Wrong About w/ Sarah Marshall
8:00pm Warhol Museum Vieux Farka Touré w/ DJ Pandemic Pete
Thu 05-04-23
7:30pm Government Center The Veldt / Crystal Canyon / Flower Crown
8:00pm Club Cafe The Sadies
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Pedro The Lion w/ Erik Walters
Fri 05-05-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Joe Pug w/ Anna Tivel
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Kopps w/ Jacob Asher, Hot Dog Water, Catatoneya
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Moon Hooch, Too Many Zooz, Lucky Chops
8:00pm Thunderbird Jerry vs Bobby: Reuben’s Painted Mandolin / Gettin’ Weir’d
Sat 05-06-23
7:00pm Roboto Project kissyourfriends w/ Frog Legs + Horace Whisper
8:00pm Club Cafe Jenna Nicholls & The Turpentiners
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Off With Their Heads
Sun 05-07-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Overcoats
Mon 05-08-23
6:30pm Preserving Underground The HIRS Collective w/ Big Baby
7:30pm Government Center Harsh Symmetry / Doors in the Labyrinth / 2020K
Tue 05-09-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Jared Sims
8:00pm Government Center System Exclusive
Wed 05-10-23
6:00pm Crafthouse Ill Niño w/ Through Fire, Dropout Kings, ReDEFINED, Tulip
6:00pm Roxian Wage War w/ nothing nowhere, Spite
6:00pm Stage AE Pouya w/ Fat Nick, KXLLSWXTCH, Ramirez, MTM, LU, South Strip, 7OH2
7:00pm Club Cafe Tom Breiding And Union Railroad
Thu 05-11-23
7:00pm Crafthouse G.B.H. w/ Niis, M.D.C.
7:00pm Roxian Seven Lions w/ Mitis, Gem & Tauri, Bexxie
8:00pm Club Cafe Dougie Poole w/ Dave Shepherd
8:00pm Thunderbird Wayne “The Train” Hancock
Sat 05-13-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Beth Nielsen Chapman
8:00pm Crafthouse Icon For Hire w/ Hooked Like Helen
8:00pm Government Center Shiver / Rising Seas / Mentally Exhausted
8:00pm Thunderbird An Evening with Richard Thompson
Sun 05-14-23
5:00pm Emmanuel Episcopal Church Jazz at Emmanuel: The James Johnson Quartet
8:00pm Club Cafe And Evening With Mary Fahl
8:00pm Government Center Vacation / Big Baby / Sunbloc / Rex Tycoon
8:00pm Thunderbird Bailen
Mon 05-15-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Matthew Logan Vasquez w/ Danny Golden
8:00pm Government Center FACS / Gotobeds
Tue 05-16-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Anton DeFade
6:00pm Roxian Waterparks w/ Hunny
6:30pm Preserving Underground Harakiri for the Sky w/ Ghost Bath, Unreqvited, Barren Plains, Counting Gravestones
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee Volcandra / Voraath
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Plini w/ Sungazer, Jakub Zytecki
Wed 05-17-23
5:30pm Roxian Kreator & Sepultura w/ Death Angel, SpiritWorld
Thu 05-18-23
8:00pm Thunderbird Heartless Bastards
Fri 05-19-23
7:00pm Roxian Old Gods of Appalachia
8:00pm Thunderbird Magic Beans w/ Brahctopus, The Other Bugs
Sat 05-20-23
6:00pm Preserving Underground Moonspell w/ Seleine
8:00pm Club Cafe William Matheny w/ Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six
Sun 05-21-23
7:00pm Black Forge Coffee A Burden To Bear / Trainwrecked / Lost Mutiny
7:00pm Roxian Soulja Boy
Mon 05-22-23
6:30pm Stage AE Beach Bunny, PUP, Pool Kids
Tue 05-23-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic Theron Brown
5:30pm Stage AE Trivium & Beartooth w/ Malevolence, Archetypes Collide
Wed 05-24-23
6:00pm Roxian Bloodywood w/ Vended, Wargasm
8:00pm Government Center The Dreaded Laramie / Wasted Space / Tilt Contrls
Thu 05-25-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Laura Stevenson w/ Oceanator
Fri 05-26-23
7:00pm Preserving Underground Angel Du$t w/ Life’s Question, Jivebomb
8:00pm Club Cafe Jesse Terry / Allice Wallace
Sat 05-27-23
7:00pm Roxian Hunter Hayes
8:00pm Club Cafe Remember Sports w/ The Ophehlias
8:00pm Crafthouse The Birthday Massacre
Sun 05-28-23
6:00pm Preserving Underground Mike’s Dead
6:30pm Crafthouse Cold w/ Divide the Fall, Awake at Last, Signal to Noise, Drown the Deep, Death Valley Dreams
6:30pm Roxian Avatar w/ Veil of Maya, Orbit Culture
Tue 05-30-23
5:00pm Liberty Magic David Throckmorton
Wed 05-31-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Tigercub
Thu 06-01-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Bitchin Bajas
8:00pm Thunderbird Legendary Shack Shakers w/ Dex Romweber, Viva Le Vox
Fri 06-02-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Williams Honor
Sat 06-03-23
3:00pm Stage AE Pride On The Shore feat. Ava Max & FLETCHER w/ Betty Who, JORDY
Sun 06-04-23
8:00pm Government Center Abandoncy / Vylts / Kicked in the Head by a Horse
Mon 06-05-23
6:00pm Roxian Grandson & K. Flay w/ Jack Kays
7:00pm Roboto Project Jeromes Dream w/ Elizabeth Colour Wheel
8:00pm Club Cafe Damien Jurado w/ Chris Pureka
Tue 06-06-23
6:30pm Stage AE Noah Kahan
8:00pm Club Cafe Hunty Lytes Band w/ Charles Hussle, Andrew Chris and Company
Wed 06-07-23
6:00pm Stage AE All Time Low w/ Mayday Parade, Games We Play
Thu 06-08-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Kim Richey
Fri 06-09-23
6:30pm Stage AE O.A.R. w/ The 502s
7:00pm Roxian $NOT w/ Night Lovell, DC the Don, Micro
8:00pm Club Cafe Hotel Fiction
Sat 06-10-23
7:30pm Black Forge Coffee America Part Two / Latewaves
8:00pm Thunderbird Feeble Little Horse
Sun 06-11-23
7:30pm Crafthouse Death Angel
8:00pm Club Cafe Brick+Mortar w/ Jhariah, Pollyanna
Mon 06-12-23
7:00pm Roxian Jacob Collier
8:00pm Government Center Eyelids / Tory Silver / Gaadge
Tue 06-13-23
6:00pm Stage AE Pixies w/ Franz Ferdinand, Bully
Wed 06-14-23
7:00pm Stage AE Two Friends w/ NOTD
8:00pm Thunderbird Summer Salt w/ The Rare Occasions, Addison Grace
Fri 06-16-23
7:30pm Crafthouse Attack Attack! w/ Belmont, Traitors, Colorblind
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Anees
Sat 06-17-23
8:00pm Crafthouse Eyes Of The Nile
Sun 06-18-23
6:00pm Stage AE Young The Giant w/ Milky Chance, TALK
Mon 06-19-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Buffalo Nichols
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Anees
8:00pm Thunderbird Deer Tick w/ Country Westerns
Wed 06-21-23
7:00pm Stage AE Fleet Foxes, Uwade
Fri 06-23-23
6:00pm Stage AE The Commonheart
Tue 06-27-23
7:00pm Stage AE Rebelution w/ Iration, DJ Mackle
Fri 06-30-23
8:30pm Crafthouse Tickle Me Emo
Sat 07-01-23
8:00pm Thunderbird Ondara
Mon 07-03-23
7:00pm Spirit Hall We Are The Union + Catbite + Kill Lincoln w/ J. Navarro & The Traitors
Sun 07-09-23
7:00pm Stage AE Jinkx Monsoon
Mon 07-10-23
7:00pm Stage AE The Smile w/ Robert Stillman
Tue 07-11-23
6:00pm Stage AE Weezer w/ Future Islands, Joyce Manor
Wed 07-12-23
7:00pm Roxian The Struts w/ Mac Saturn
7:00pm Stage AE Yungblud w/ The Regrettes
8:00pm Thunderbird Altin Gun
Thu 07-13-23
6:00pm Stage AE Illenium
Tue 07-18-23
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Le Tigre
Fri 07-21-23
7:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Big Hunter And The Narcissist Cookbook
Sat 07-22-23
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Design The Curse w/ Lasciate, Apocalyptic Society, Less Than Zero
Sun 07-23-23
6:00pm Stage AE Dirty Heads w/ Lupe Fiasco, G. Love & Special Sauce
Wed 07-26-23
6:30pm Stage AE The Backseat Lovers q/ Bendigo Fletcher
Thu 07-27-23
8:00pm Club Cafe The Crystal Casino Band
Tue 08-01-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Slaid Cleaves
Wed 08-02-23
7:00pm Stage AE Beabadoobee
Mon 08-07-23
7:00pm Stage AE Death Grips
Fri 08-11-23
6:00pm Stage AE Mastodon & Gojira w/ Lorna Shore
Thu 08-31-23
6:00pm Stage AE Alex G and Alvvays
Fri 09-01-23
7:00pm Roxian Weyes Blood
Sat 09-09-23
6:00pm Roxian Electric Callboy
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Ocean Blue w/ Tallies
8:00pm Thunderbird Sir Chloe
Fri 09-15-23
8:00pm Jergels The Daddies w/ The Modelaires
Sat 09-16-23
7:00pm Club Cafe Daniel Champagne
7:00pm Roxian Tegan and Sara w/ Carlie Hanson
Tue 09-19-23
7:00pm Stage AE Ashnikko
Sun 10-01-23
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Sammy Rae & The Friends
Tue 10-10-23
8:00pm Thunderbird The National Parks
Fri 10-13-23
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Nation Of Language
Sat 10-21-23
8:30pm Crafthouse Justin Fabus w/ The Borstal Boys
Wed 10-25-23
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult w/ ADULT., Kanga
Sat 12-16-23
4:30pm Roxian ANTIfest 2023: Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, Strike Anywhere, Blind Adam & The Federal League