Music Calendar

If you represent a Pittsburgh-related musician, band, or venue and would like us to list your event(s) in our music calendar, please send email with all the details (date, time, place, and performers) to The calendar is updated each week on Wednesday afternoon.

Wed 11-29-23
6:30pm Preserving Underground Psyclon Nine w/ Clockwork Echo, Guillotine, Corvins Breed
7:00pm Long Play Cafe Experimental Guitar Night #40 feat. Skeletonized, Derek Bendel, Sachem Orenda, Barrett Black, and Pink Gin Marimbas
8:00pm Club Cafe Griffin House
Thu 11-30-23
7:00pm Roboto Project Middling + Pickpocket with Mime Etiquette and Leonardo Decapitated
7:00pm Stage AE Ashley McBryde w/ Kasey Tyndall
8:00pm Club Cafe The Regal Sweet w/ Guitar Zack, Misaligned Mind
8:00pm Thunderbird Bumpin Uglies w/ Joe Samba and Howi Spangler
Fri 12-01-23
7:00pm Stage AE Lukas Nelson + POTR
8:00pm Bottlerocket Melt (Album Release Show) w/ Animal Scream, Outside Inside
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Mojohand w/ Bonnie And The Mere Mortals, Sunny Daze And The Weathermen
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Chloe Wiecz w/ Meanwhile Trio
8:00pm Thunderbird Millvin And The Etnoids (Vinyl Release Show) w/ Crush Curl
Sat 12-02-23
6:30pm City Winery Kongero
7:00pm Dormont VFW Barnacle Feet
8:00pm Club Cafe Oliver Hazard w/ Eliza Edens
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Paradox Rift w/ Mulciber, Riparian, Contemptment
8:00pm Government Center Milliseconds / Rave Ami / Ex Pilots
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Cadillac Three w/ Joshua Quimby
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Good Brother Earl
8:00pm Thunderbird Pokey Lafarge w/ Louisa Stancioff
Sun 12-03-23
7:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Nefesh Mountain
7:00pm Roxian Jacquees w/ Nick LaVelle
7:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Cosmic Convergence Tour w/ Black Rose, Phat Man Dee, Liz Berlin
8:00pm Club Cafe Davy Knowles w/ JD Eicher
Mon 12-04-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Ella Vos w/ Blond In Car
Tue 12-05-23
5:00pm Greer Cabaret Lounge JazzLive presents The Brian Edwards Excursion
8:00pm Club Cafe Sugar Nova (feat. Luke Miller of Lotus) w/ Future Joy, Banjiboi
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery The Howard Levy 4
Wed 12-06-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Billy Raffoul w/ Peter Raffoul and The Indiana Drones
8:00pm Jergels Robert Jon & The Wreck
8:00pm Thunderbird Feliz Navihbrah feat. Snakes and Stars & Brahtctopus w/ Mike Dillon & Punkadelic
Thu 12-07-23
7:00pm Roots Cellar The Turpentiners
7:30pm Spezzatura tcrps presents: Simwhet Onham w/ C_Robo, Flavor Pals, Soy Sos
8:00pm Club Cafe MeNo Mind / Crombie / Raised By Giants
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Accent
9:00pm Spirit Lodge The Zells / Tosser / Natural Rat
Fri 12-08-23
7:00pm Roboto Project Maura Weaver w/ Larval State + Tilt Contrls + Fosh
8:00pm August Wilson Center We Want The Funk Festival feat. Jeffery Osbourne
8:00pm Club Cafe Illiterate Light w/ Tiny Wars
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Wild Blue Yonder, The Sun Champs, Bagavond
8:00pm Government Center Book Of Wyrms / Mires / Mother Elizabeth Throne / Citywitch
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Steve Ippolito’s Continuum Band w/ Kaleidoscope feat. John Swana
8:00pm Thunderbird Keller Williams
Sat 12-09-23
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Mixtape Madness #4 feat. Foamer, Hotdog Water, Corduroy, Lez Paul, OrangeG, Petsitter, The Redlines, Something Under a Microscope
8:00pm August Wilson Center We Want The Funk Festival feat. Average White Band & Loose Ends
8:00pm Club Cafe Sungazer w/ Sirintip
8:00pm Government Center John Davis / Chauchat / Bat Radar / Last Legs
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery New Invisible Joy
8:00pm Thunderbird Bastard Bearded Irishmen Christmas Show
Sun 12-10-23
7:00pm Preserving Underground Fit For An Autopsy / Exodus / Darkest Hour / Undeath
7:00pm Roboto Project Murder for Girls, Lylyth, Psych Ward Grips
7:00pm Roxian Steel Panther w/ Moon Fever
8:00pm Government Center Pummeled / Red Temple Pray / Frame And Mantle / One Hundred Year Ocean
8:00pm Thunderbird The Mountain Goats w/ Stephen Steinbrink
Mon 12-11-23
8:00pm Government Center Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse band / Red Star Sky
Tue 12-12-23
5:00pm Greer Cabaret Lounge JazzLive presents Lynn Speakman Quintet
7:00pm Roboto Project Full Body 2 + they are gutting a body of water with Gaadge
8:00pm Club Cafe Kendra Morris w/ Adam Fitz
8:00pm Government Center Disco Doom / The Petals / Glass Caps
Thu 12-14-23
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Knuckle Puck & Real Friends w/ One Step Closer, Arm’s Length
7:00pm Roboto Project Venus Twins with Gloom Doom and More Than Adequate
8:00pm Club Cafe ADS LIVE: Ronmangone, Flash J and thereal250
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Be Our Neighbor Fundraiser feat. The Zells, Gina Gory, Georgia English
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Soulful Femme w/ Billy Price (Toys For Tots Benefit)
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Christmas On The Moon, Baby! feat. Moon Baby & Jonathan David Russell
9:00pm Spirit Hall A Psychedelic Evening with SOS Lightshow feat. Astrology Now, The Garment District, Melt
Fri 12-15-23
6:00pm Spirit Hall Molemania: Hardcore Against Cancer feat. Concealed Blade, Dark Thoughts, No Time, Delco MF’s, Illiterates, The Hell, Speed Plans, De Rodillas
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Winter Wonder Ball feat. Back Alley Sound, Normal Creatures, Dream The Heavy, & Hemlock For Socrates
7:30pm Thunderbird Punchline w/ Kahone Concept, Another Cheetah, Bradley
8:00pm Club Cafe Endless Mike / LibCor / Black Guy Fawkes / Alyssa Hankey
8:00pm Government Center Mister Strawberry / Bowlcut / Dogmeat
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Cello Fury
Sat 12-16-23
12:00pm Spirit Lodge Sufrin’ Christmas feat. Slim Forsythe & The Boss Stingrays, The Long-Haired Country Girls, 10th Ward Troubadours
6:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Bouncing Souls w/ 7Seconds, Strike Anywhere, Catbite, Blind
6:30pm Stage AE Matt Light
7:00pm Roboto Project Farseek w/ Wasted Space + Hotdog Water + Brake Run
7:00pm Spirit Hall Driveways & Eternal Boy w/ Goalkeeper, Old Neon
8:00pm Club Cafe The Billy Price Band
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Via Mardot
8:00pm Government Center Giovanni Orsini & The Inebriators / Tony From Bowling / Blinder
8:00pm Thunderbird Sleigher Krampus w/ Amoeba Knievel, Weird Paul Rock Band
Sun 12-17-23
7:00pm Roboto Project Full Body 2 + they are gutting a body of water with Gaadge
8:00pm Club Cafe Bar Italia w/ I4A
8:00pm Thunderbird Krasno / Moore Project
Tue 12-19-23
5:00pm Greer Cabaret Lounge JazzLive presents George Jones New View Quartet
Wed 12-20-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Thundersmack
Thu 12-21-23
8:00pm Bottlerocket Rick Maguire (of Pile)
8:00pm Club Cafe GHO$t! w/ Invite Only feat. PNasty, Zende and Cue Soul
Fri 12-22-23
8:00pm Bottlerocket Benji w/ Cam Chambers, Will Juergens
8:00pm Club Cafe Good Brother Earl / Demos Papadimas
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Detention w/ Unwanted Downfall, Main Street Detour
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery The Pleaktunes Trio
8:00pm Thunderbird City Dwelling Nature Seekers w/ Bindley Hardware Co
Sat 12-23-23
6:00pm Preserving Underground Facewreck / Taste The Steel / Pain Clinic / Ironside
8:00pm Club Cafe Adam Yokum w/ Elijah Kyle, Michael Wavves, Hey! Slink
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Herald’s Goose w/ The Moon is a Hologram, Sorryface, Histrionic, Ameoba Knievel
Tue 12-26-23
5:00pm Greer Cabaret Lounge JazzLive presents Dwayne Dolphin Fo’tet
8:00pm Club Cafe Bill Deasy’s Annual Boxing Day Show
Wed 12-27-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Joe Kwaczala w/ Danny Palumbo
Thu 12-28-23
8:00pm Club Cafe Late Night Treasures: Kennzo Suede fest. NLS Ron, SpeciàlK and Boujee June
Fri 12-29-23
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Commonheart
8:00pm Spirit Jason Leech w/ Metaterrestrial, Ishkayday
Sat 12-30-23
8:00pm Club Cafe King Mar, Dejah Mohea, Whoisjay, GHO$T!
8:00pm Thunderbird Yam Yam w/ The Sun Champs
8:15pm Mr Small’s Theatre Start Making Sense w/ JK3
Sun 12-31-23
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Tropidelic w/ Mike Pinto, Jarv & Fubar
8:00pm Spirit Spirit NYE feat. Livefromthecity & Urban Development, Minka, Ames Harding & The Mirage, Forestry Division, Zinnia’s Garden, DJ Dini Daddy
9:00pm Thunderbird Beauty Slap & Big Blitz
Thu 01-04-24
8:00pm Club Cafe The Brilliant Minds w/ The Coattails, The Faintest Glow
Fri 01-05-24
6:00pm Thunderbird Dead Of Winter: Early/Primal Dead feat. David and Pappy, Sun Champs, theCAUSE (with John Pergal)
8:00pm Club Cafe The Abominable Snow Jam feat. Guides, Josh Jams, DNAPPS, Jamuel L. Smackson
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Jazz Upstairs w/ Kenny Stockard, HR Department
Sat 01-06-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Sathanas, Shadow Legion, Leprosy, Design The Curse
6:00pm Thunderbird Dead Of Winter: Later Dead feat. Jerry Garcia Bluegrass, SamJAMwich, theCAUSE
7:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Moontown w/ Back Alley Sounds, No Sleep For Zombies, Paging Doctor Moon
Mon 01-08-24
6:30pm Roxian Story of the Year w/ We the Kings, Youth Fountain
Tue 01-09-24
6:30pm Roxian Zakk Sabbath w/ The Native Howl
Wed 01-10-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Mai Khoi and the Dissidents
Thu 01-11-24
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls St. Dude
Fri 01-12-24
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery The Dreadnoughts
8:00pm Thunderbird King Buffalo w/ REZN
10:00pm Roxian Gasolina
Sat 01-13-24
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre An Evening With Lotus
8:00pm Club Cafe Upstate
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Chip And The Charge Ups
Mon 01-15-24
8:00pm Club Cafe The Steel Wheels
Wed 01-17-24
7:00pm Stage AE Grace Potter
8:00pm Bottlerocket L’Rain
8:00pm Thunderbird Grateful Dub & Roots Of Creation
Thu 01-18-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Spafford
Fri 01-19-24
7:00pm Stage AE Conner Smith w/ Lauren Watkins
8:00pm Club Cafe Neverweres w/ Hot Numbers, Paging Doctor Moon
8:00pm Thunderbird Buffalo Rose & Fireside Collective
Sat 01-20-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Deadlands w/ Convictions
7:00pm Dormont VFW Nowhere Men
8:00pm Club Cafe Mr. Mota
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls A Short Walk To Pluto w/ Heading North, Funky Lamp
8:00pm Spirit Hall Tropicabana Carnival 2024 Brazil! feat. Kenia w/ Timbeleza’s 7, Aline Pnho, DJ Paulinho, Mark Jackovic
8:30pm Thunderbird G. Love & Special Sauce w/ Jakobs Castle
Sun 01-21-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Sunsquabi w/ Parkbreezy
Mon 01-22-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Lowertown
8:00pm Thunderbird Magic City Hippies w/ The Palms & Josh Fudge
Tue 01-23-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Lauren Calve / Cat Ridgeway / Catterina
Wed 01-24-24
6:00pm Roxian Beartooth
Fri 01-26-24
7:00pm Roxian Restless Road w/ Erin Kinsey
8:00pm Club Cafe Kiwi Jr. and The Gotobeds w/ Gina Gory
Sat 01-27-24
7:00pm Stage AE Zoso
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Strike True: Leprosy
8:00pm Thunderbird Wednesday w/ Hotline TNT
Sun 01-28-24
6:00pm Roxian Thursday w/ Rival Schools, Many Eyes
8:00pm Bottlerocket William Tyler & The Impossible Truth
Mon 01-29-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Eddie 9V w/ Dan Bubien Of The Delta Struts
8:00pm Thunderbird Lyn Lapid
Tue 01-30-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Wild Party w/ Cousin Simple
Wed 01-31-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Brendan Abernathy w/ Dylan Owen
Thu 02-01-24
5:30pm Roxian Machine Head w/ Fear Factory, Orbit Culture, Gates to Hell
7:30pm Stage AE Umphrey’s McGee
Sat 02-03-24
6:30pm City Winery Kruger Brothers
8:00pm Club Cafe Willi Carlisle
Wed 02-07-24
7:30pm Thunderbird Caligula’s Horse w/ Earthside
8:00pm Club Cafe Dan Bern w/ Akrasia
Thu 02-08-24
6:30pm Stage AE Greensky Bluegrass
Fri 02-09-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Ruin Lust / Diabolic Oath
8:00pm Thunderbird Plain White T’s w/ Pollyanna
Sat 02-10-24
7:00pm Stage AE Peekaboo w/ LYNY
8:00pm Club Cafe Brigitte Calls Me Baby
Mon 02-12-24
8:00pm Roxian Band Of Horses
Tue 02-13-24
7:00pm Stage AE The Dead South w/ The Hooten Hallers, Jake Vaadeland & the Sturgeon River Boys
8:00pm Thunderbird No Vacation
Wed 02-14-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Veil Of Maya w/ Angelmaker, Reflections, Until I Wake, Alluvial
8:00pm August Wilson Center Soul Sessions feat. Kindred the Family Soul
Fri 02-16-24
7:00pm Roxian Ghost Hounds
Sat 02-17-24
7:00pm Preserving Underground Silent Planet w/ Thornhill, Johnny Booth, Aviana
Sun 02-18-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Go Ahead and Die w/ Bodybox, Half-Heard Voices
8:00pm Warhol Sunny War
Mon 02-19-24
5:30pm Stage AE Static-X & Sevendust w/ Dope, Lines Of Loyalty
8:00pm Thunderbird Indigo De Souza
Wed 02-21-24
6:00pm Stage AE Neck Deep w/ DRAIN, Bearings, Higher Power
Fri 02-23-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Ov Sulfur / Mental Cruelty w/ Ghost Bath, Extermination, Dismemberment
8:00pm Club Cafe Richard Shindell
Sat 02-24-24
7:00pm Dormont VFW The Platelets
8:00pm Thunderbird This is The Kit w/ Sam Amidon
Mon 02-26-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Larry & Joe
Tue 02-27-24
6:30pm Roxian Haken
8:00pm Spirit Hall Jhariah w/ Kaiyi
Wed 02-28-24
7:00pm Stage AE Subtronics w/ Wooli, Hedex, Saka, Jon Casey, Skellytn
8:00pm Warhol Jonathan Richman feat. Tommy Larkins
Thu 02-29-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Victoria Victoria feat. Charlie Hunter
Fri 03-01-24
7:00pm Roxian Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue w/ The Soul Rebels
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Angela Autumn w/ Dallas Ugly
Sat 03-02-24
7:00pm Roxian St. Paul & The Broken Bones
8:00pm Club Cafe Lilly Hiatt
Mon 03-04-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Bandits On The Run w/ John Gallagher Jr.
Tue 03-05-24
7:30pm Spirit Hall Laura Jane Grace w/ Thelma And The Sleaze
8:00pm Thunderbird Tanner Usrey w/ Kat Hasty
Wed 03-06-24
8:00pm Warhol Katy Kirby
Thu 03-07-24
7:00pm Roxian Bryce Vine w/ Hoodie Allen, Yoshi T
Fri 03-08-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Hannah Wicklund
Mon 03-11-24
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre JP Saxe w/ Justin Nozuka
8:00pm Spirit Hall Mclusky
Tue 03-12-24
8:00pm Spirit Hall Haley Heynderickx & The Westerlies w/ Tim Baker
Wed 03-13-24
7:30pm Thunderbird Marc Broussard
Thu 03-14-24
8:00pm Spirit Hall Otoboke Beaver w/ Drinking Boys And Girls Choir
8:00pm Thunderbird Circles Around The Sun w/ Mikaela Davis and Southern Star
Sat 03-16-24
6:00pm Stage AE Waterparks w/ Loveless
7:00pm Roxian Blue October
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Beach Weather w/ Phoneboy, Rec Hall
Mon 03-18-24
8:00pm Thunderbird TOW’RS
Tue 03-19-24
7:00pm Roxian Blackberry Smoke
Wed 03-20-24
5:30pm Roxian Set It Off w/ Crown The Empire, Caskets
Thu 03-21-24
8:00pm Roxian Sam Barber
Fri 03-22-24
7:00pm Roxian Grouplove w/ Bully
Sat 03-23-24
6:30pm City Winery Jigjam
7:00pm Dormont VFW The Other Bugs
7:00pm Stage AE William Black
8:00pm Thunderbird Dave Hause
Sun 03-24-24
6:30pm Stage AE Mom Jeans. w/ Summer Salt, Hunny
Tue 03-26-24
6:00pm Stage AE Alestorm w/ Elvenking, Glyph
Wed 03-27-24
8:00pm Byham Theater Herbie Hancock
8:00pm Thunderbird Louisiana Calling w/ Sonny Landreth and the Iguanas
Thu 03-28-24
7:00pm Stage AE 49 Winchester w/ Colby Acuff
Sat 03-30-24
8:00pm Spirit Hall Charlotte Sands
Wed 04-03-24
7:30pm Spirit Hall Glass Beach
Thu 04-04-24
6:00pm Stage AE City Morgue w/ Fourfive
Fri 04-05-24
7:00pm Roxian Drake White
7:00pm Stage AE Chappell Roan
Tue 04-09-24
7:00pm Roxian The Brook & The Bluff
8:00pm August Wilson Center Christian McBride’s New Quintet
Thu 04-11-24
6:30pm Stage AE JJ Grey & Mofro w/ Judith Hill
Mon 04-15-24
7:00pm Stage AE Starset
Tue 04-16-24
7:00pm Roxian Saint Motel
Sat 04-20-24
6:30pm City Winery Caña Dulce y Caña Brava
7:00pm Roxian Priscilla Black w/ Ryan Larkins
8:00pm Thunderbird Benjamin Tod & Lost Dog Street Band
Wed 04-24-24
7:00pm Roxian Queensryche w/ Armored Saint
Thu 04-25-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Ana Popovic
Fri 04-26-24
8:00pm August Wilson Center Soul Sessions feat. Mya
Sat 04-27-24
7:00pm Stage AE BoyWithUke
Tue 04-30-24
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Eric Slick
8:00pm Thunderbird Donny Benet
Sat 05-04-24
6:30pm City Winery Harry Manx
7:00pm Roxian Madison Beer w/ Charlotte Lawrence
Wed 05-08-24
7:00pm Byham Theater Glenn Miller Orchestra
8:00pm Thunderbird Big Something w/ The Ries Brothers
Sat 05-11-24
8:00pm August Wilson Center Soul Sessions feat. Fred Hammond
Tue 05-14-24
8:00pm Spirit Hall Otoboke Beaver w/ Drinking Boys, Girls Choir
8:00pm Thunderbird Soen
Fri 05-17-24
8:00pm August Wilson Center Uhuru Jazz Series feat. Endea Owens & The Cookout
Sun 05-19-24
7:00pm Roxian Tommy Emmanuel
8:00pm Club Cafe Matthew Logan Vasquez
Wed 06-05-24
6:30pm Stage AE Bleachers w/ Samia
Thu 06-20-24
6:30pm Stage AE Brothers Osborne w/ The Cadillac Three
Fri 06-28-24
6:00pm Stage AE Oliver Anthony
Thu 07-18-24
6:00pm Stage AE O.A.R. / Fitz and the Tantrums / DJ Logic