Music Calendar

If you represent a Pittsburgh-related musician, band, or venue and would like us to list your event(s) in our music calendar, please send email with all the details (date, time, place, and performers) to The calendar is updated each week on Wednesday afternoon.

Wed 05-22-24
8:00pm Club Cafe The Roof / Alex Cano / Paging Doctor Moon
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls November Blue w/ Discofox
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Phosphorescent
Thu 05-23-24
7:00pm Roboto Project Blind Adam & The Federal League + Matt Pless
7:00pm Roxian An Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre 2001
8:00pm Club Cafe The Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Gruenling w/ Delta Struts Duo
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Scaryspies w/ Fort Womb, Halloway, Twin Lakes
8:00pm Government Center Locktender / Gloomer / One Hundred Yearn Ocean (acoustic) / No Lights
Fri 05-24-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Can’t Swim & Belmont
7:30pm Bantha Tea Bar Sons of Ra, John Hardin’s Electric Didgeridoo, The Ill-Fitting Party
8:00pm Cattivo Eva X / Dichro / Metamorph / Vanilla Sugar
8:00pm Club Cafe Angela Perley / Handsome Jack
8:00pm Government Center The Sewerheads / Blinder / Snarling Dogs
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Bill Henry Band
8:00pm Spirit Hall Shannon and the Clams w/ Tropa Magica, Century III
8:00pm Thunderbird Big Blitz, Working Breed, The Sun Champs
Sat 05-25-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Brimstone Coven w/ Rainbow Death Rocket
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Three Rivers Cuomo w/ Raised By Giants
8:00pm Government Center Dogmeat / Fosh / Wasted Space
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery New Invisible Joy
8:00pm Spirit Lodge K9Diet, The Lady Grace And The Infinite Failure, Murphy Lawless
Sun 05-26-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Crystal Lake w/ Born A New, Leylines
8:00pm Club Cafe The Ghostwrite / Lylyth / LibCor
Tue 05-28-24
5:00pm Greer Cabaret Lounge Alton Merrell
5:30pm Roxian Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls w/ Amigo The Devil, Bridge City Sinners, Micah Schnabel, Vanessa Jean Speckman
6:00pm Stage AE Knocked Loose w/ Show Me The Body, Loathe, Speed
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre X Ambassadors w/ New West, Rowan Drake
Wed 05-29-24
7:00pm Poetry Lounge Experimental Guitar Night #46: CMB Cold Spot, Reid Magette, Joe Serkoch, Danny Rec & Dan Burgun, Adam Rousseau
8:00pm Club Cafe Andrew Bicsey / Moose Lodge Revival
Thu 05-30-24
7:00pm Thunderbird Lucy
8:00pm Club Cafe Walkney w/ The Pennsoulvanians, Ellie Irwin
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Alyxx w/ Late Night Trouble, Victoria Fire
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Litz w/ The Sun Champs
Fri 05-31-24
6:30pm Spirit Hall Exhumed w/ Skeletal Remains, Morbikon, No/Mas, Lady Beast
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Riegn Of Z & Divide The Fall w/ Chaos Killed, Drown The Deep
7:00pm Roboto Project Ethan Beck & The Charlie Browns (Record Release) w/ Rave Ami + Times New Wrestlers + King Blue Heron
7:00pm Spirit Lodge Trinity Jane w/ Dalchord, Mirabelle Skipworth, DJ Dini Daddy
7:00pm Stage AE Pride On The Shore feat. Natasha Bedingfield, Keke Palmer, DJ Kitty Glitter, DJ Hannah Rad
8:00pm Club Cafe Melissa Quinn Fox w/ Frank Viera
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Hellfire Fest feat. Porters, Feast on The Fallen and Victims of Contagion
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Clunkers & Friends w/ Mutlu
8:00pm Thunderbird The Wolf Tones w/ Al & Al
Sat 06-01-24
8:00pm Club Cafe SamJAMwich (100th Gig Celebration)
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Onion w/ Ronin, EyeOneFifty, Heartsick
8:00pm Government Center Action Camp / A Rueful Noise / Love Ethic
8:00pm Thunderbird Big Wreck w/ Bobby Thompson and The Chosen Few
Sun 06-02-24
1:00pm Ormsby Ave Cafe Loud & Proud Music Festival ft. Lylyth, Sommelier, Bryce Bowyn, Odd Atrocity, Sherry CD-ROM, Casey Catone, Rhythm of the Night Fusion Band, V.V.itch, King Blue Heron, K9Diet, Kumanji Johnson
3:00pm Stage AE Pride On The Shore feat. Chappell Roan, Jess Glynne, Slayyyter, G FLIP, Matt Suave, The Scarlet Opera, Kaleena Zanders, Jessica Wild, Xunami Muse
5:00pm Club Cafe Choo Jackson / Young Guy, Burkett / Ryane
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Sun Junkies w/ Sorryface
7:00pm Lincoln Hall Foxburg The Becky Buller Band
7:00pm Roboto Project The You Suck Flying Circus, Brake Run, The Ghostwrite, and Swamp Walk
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Lucero w/ Myron Elkins
Tue 06-04-24
7:00pm Roboto Project Snarls with Yasmin Nuir
8:00pm Bottlerocket Another Michael w/ Tenci
8:00pm Government Center CLARKO / Language Of The Heart / United Stare
8:00pm Thunderbird KBong & Johnny Cosmic w/ Brahctopus
Wed 06-05-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Grey Lotus w/ Sarah Longfield
6:30pm Stage AE Bleachers w/ Samia
7:00pm Poetry Lounge Ships in the Night, Hemlock for Socrates, Buck Gooter
8:00pm Club Cafe A Beacon School w/ MeNo Mind, Weird Era
8:00pm Thunderbird Nekromantix w/ Thirteen Bends & Bastard Bearded Irishmen
Thu 06-06-24
7:00pm Roboto Project Secret Shame, …by the deed, Larval State, and Maris
8:00pm Club Cafe Kyshona w/ Liz McBride
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Different Places In Space (Vinyl Release Show) w/ Zoomst, Foamer
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Monsoon w/ Surface Broadcast, Sneeze Awfull
Fri 06-07-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Gorilla Biscuits w/ Fury Of Five, Eyewash
6:00pm Stage AE Modest Mouse w/ Cat Power
7:00pm Roboto Project Missing!, Wasted Space, Saint Gooey, Ethel Dorian Bruce
7:00pm Roxian Cannons
8:00pm Club Cafe The High Curbs w/ Garage League, Subarctic Beach Party
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Modern Fossils w/ Dichro, Mike Moscato Music
Sat 06-08-24
8:00pm Club Cafe King Blue Heron / Clay Coast / Mr. Dr. / 1402
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Aris Paul Band (Album Release Show) w/ Tim Vitullo Band, Adam Fitz
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Valleyview, Boy Wonders, Dizzier
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Mark Dignam’s House Of Song w/ Mason. & Mr. Business
Sun 06-09-24
7:00pm Roboto Project The Sonic Adventour ft. Hummus Vaccum, Mattstagraham, Cokeworks, and the Dagwoods
8:00pm Club Cafe Jeffrey Gaines w/ JD Eicher
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Wilderado w/ Flyte
8:30pm Spirit Lodge Husbandwife w/ Z-Nemo & The Big Slime, Posterchild
Mon 06-10-24
7:00pm Preserving Underground D.R.U.G.S. w/ Savage Hands, Downswing, The Requiem
8:00pm Club Cafe Abigail Lapell w/ Matt Pitschman
Tue 06-11-24
7:00pm Preserving Underground Delta Sleep w/ Slow Crush, Spilly Cave
7:00pm Stage AE Club Cara DeChurch
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Halluci Nation
Wed 06-12-24
6:30pm Stage AE T-Pain w/ LaRussell, NandoSTL, Young Ca$h
Thu 06-13-24
7:00pm Club Cafe Koz, Fusion Illusion
7:00pm Roboto Project Harrison Gordon + TRSH + Elephant Jake + Stand and Wave + Bogues
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls The Yeggs (Album Release Show) w/ The Dracu-Las
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Fastlane M-Dot, Yola Bandz, Good Bizzy, Cuttman Chunk, Buck Biddy
Fri 06-14-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Abstract X Dylan Owen w/ Jake Luke, T-Burk, The ArchiTek
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Secret Gardens w/ Sincerely, Anton Ego, God’s End
8:00pm Government Center Abstract Theory / Lys Scott / Connie Roses / Drewzio
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Man Man
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Buffalo Rose (Vinyl Release Party) w/ Ursula Hansberry
8:00pm Thunderbird Danielle Ponder w/ Bri Dominique
Sat 06-15-24
3:00pm Thunderbird Keystone Vibe Music Fest feat. Rippah Shreddahs, Just Those Guys, Jasperillo, Austin/Kokohuffs, Moonshine Jasmine, Slamband and Sam
6:00pm Stage AE Excision w/ ATLiens, Dion Timmer, LAYZ, Emorfik
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Luke Severeid w/ Ronnie Fleming (Early Show)
7:00pm Roboto Project Everybody’s Worried About Owen + The Last Arizona + June Henry w/ Tilt Contrls + Iris Bilinsky
8:00pm Bottlerocket Horsegirl w/ Cindy
8:00pm Club Cafe Taylor Ashton w/ OrangeG
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Kim Gordon w/ Bill Nace & Aaron Dilloway Duo
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Jackiem Joyner
9:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Luke Severeid w/ Ronnie Fleming (Late Show)
Sat 06-16-24
7:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Fastlane M-Dot w/ Yola Bandz, Buck Biddy, Cuttman Chink, Good Bizzy, 52nd Villa
8:00pm Club Cafe Davy Knowles w/ Johnny Stanec
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Huntertones
Tue 06-18-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Bodybox w/ Machiavellianism
7:00pm Roboto Project Every Promise Kept w/ Law of Inertia + …by the deed
8:00pm Club Cafe The Way Down Wanderers w/ Joey Adams
8:00pm Spirit Hall Protomartyr
Wed 06-19-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Kairos Creature Club & Leah Senior w/ Fisherman’s Paradise
Thu 06-20-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Outline In Color w/ Nightlife, Foxcult
6:30pm Stage AE Brothers Osborne w/ The Cadillac Three
8:00pm Club Cafe Jenny Don’t and the Spurs w/ The Yeggs
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery The String Revolution
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Kumbia Queers w/ Formosa
8:00pm Thunderbird Tophouse
Fri 06-21-24
6:00pm Stage AE Walker Hayes w/ Matt Schuster, Tigirlily Gold
7:00pm Roboto Project Glazed with Heading North and overtheweather
8:00pm Club Cafe Pink Gin Marimbas / Airbrake / Bat Radar
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Warren Monroe w/ Joey Young, Michael Clifton, Majasti
8:00pm Government Center Red Herrings / Adam’s Purse / Loose Rhetoric / Stupidhead
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Christone “Kingfish” Ingram
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Consider The Source w/ You Bred Raptors?
Sat 06-22-24
12:00pm Carrie Furnace Four Chord Music Festival
6:30pm Stage AE The Clarks w/ Tiny Wars
8:00pm Club Cafe Neverweres / Stone Cold Killer / Partly Sunny
8:00pm Government Center Adjective Animal / Hemlock For Socrates / Else Collective
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Ire w/ A Moment In Pompeii, Keltari
8:00pm Remedy Holy Wire, Don’t Get Lemon, Take Me With You, Dutch Experts, Millie Dread
8:00pm Thunderbird The Vindys w/ The Roof
9:30pm Spirit Lodge Amoeba Knievel, The Regal Sweet, Giovanni Orsini And The Inebriators
Sun 06-23-24
7:00pm Club Cafe Beauty Slap
7:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Shamarr Allen
7:00pm Roxian Paul Cauthen
8:00pm Spirit Hall Kaleta & Super Yamba Band
Mon 06-24-24
7:00pm Preserving Underground I Am The Avalanche w/ Be Well, Such Gold
7:00pm Roboto Project Bugsy + Scarlet Demore
8:00pm Club Cafe The Wellermen w/ Walk On Mars
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Baroness w/ Portrayal Of Guilt, Filth Is Eternal
Tue 06-25-24
7:00pm Spirit Hall Prince Daddy & The Hyena w/ Saturdays At Your Place, Riley!, Carpool
8:00pm Club Cafe Mckinley James w/ Douglas Lowell Blevins
8:00pm Government Center Dari Bay / Merce Lemon / Gaadge
8:00pm Thunderbird Messer Chups w/ The Yeggs and Sunny Daze & The Weathermen
Wed 06-26-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground Eyes Set To Kill w/ The Requiem, Lost In Separation
7:00pm Roboto Project Michael Cera Palin w/ Cheem + CaliCuzns + Kerosene Heights
7:30pm Bantha Tea Bar Experimental Guitar Night #47: Paul Labrise & Tom Emmerling, Jim Storch, Jim Lingo, Adrian Adioetomo
8:00pm Club Cafe Twen w/ Raavi
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Airiel w/ Blushing, Blinder
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery DJ Williams Band feat. Ben Atkind, Steve Orsini, Macon Mann
Thu 06-27-24
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties w/ Future Teens, Maura Weaver
7:00pm Roboto Project Dreamwell w/ Heavenly Blue + Ultra Deluxe + Kaiba
7:00pm Roxian 6LACK
7:45pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Pet Smells (EP Release Show) w/ Cody Piper, Helsinki Bus Station, Mellowscape, Hosted by Derek Minto
8:00pm Club Cafe Habatat, Steven Teller, Wild Blue Yonder
8:00pm Government Center Outerloop / XK Scenario / Crush Curl / Astrology Now
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Sqwerv & Different Places In Space w/ The Roof
8:00pm Thunderbird Trousdale w/ John Robert
Fri 06-28-24
6:00pm Stage AE Oliver Anthony
7:00pm Remedy Sommelier / K9diet / Airbrake / Worse!
8:00pm Club Cafe Awfbeat w/ Car’dell
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Pete Bush And The Hoi Polloi w/ The Conspiracy Theory
8:00pm Thunderbird Ballyhoo!
Sat 06-29-24
7:00pm Roboto Project Frail Body with Pains
8:00pm Club Cafe Joe Grushecky and the House Rockers
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Vocal Steel w/ Adam Monaco
8:00pm Government Center Soft No / Threaded / Glass Mask / Pummeled
8:00pm Thunderbird Steeltown Horns & Big Jus
Sun 06-30-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Yonder Mountain String Band
Mon 07-01-24
6:00pm Stage AE The Kid Laroi
8:00pm Club Cafe Stop The Presses, K-Man & the 45’s w/ The Book Club
Wed 07-03-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Earth & Elsewhere / The Entire History of You / Brave New World / Frame and Mantle
Thu 07-04-24
4:00pm 7775 Lock Way E The Spits w/ Generacion Suicida
Fri 07-05-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Wes Parker w/ Indré, I Swallow Ghosts
Sat 07-06-24
8:00pm Club Cafe My Favorite Liar (EP Release Show) / Back Alley Sound / Heading North
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Godseyes w/ Kicked In The Head By A Horse, LUCA
Mon 07-08-24
6:00pm Roxian The Aquabats w/ The Aggrolites, Left Alone
6:00pm Stage AE The Used, Story of the Year, Amira Elfeky
8:00pm Club Cafe Kendra Morris
Tue 07-09-24
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery The O’My’s w/ Rich Jones
Wed 07-10-24
7:00pm Stage AE jxdn, LØLØ, Gunnar
8:00pm Club Cafe Gypsy Blue Revue feat. JP Soars & Anne Harris
8:00pm Thunderbird Uncle Lucius
Thu 07-11-24
6:30pm Stage AE Train w/ Yacht Rock Revue
7:00pm Roboto Project We Weren’t Invited, Dazey Doom, Loose Rhetoric, and Ethel Dorian Bruce
8:00pm Club Cafe Roberta Lea
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Theriaca w/ The Almas, Altas Decay, Anxiety At Best
Fri 07-12-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Black Ridge / Dream the Heavy / 3 Leagues to Rome / Fat Daddye
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Rockstead w/ FUBAR, Kokohuffs
8:00pm Spirit Hall Against All Authority w/ The Code, Folly, Worlds Scariest Police Chases
8:00pm Thunderbird Slim Tha DJ, Rojo, Wade, Femi, Khan Kuma, Hype Melo, Jimi Julz, & Violin Speaks
Sat 07-13-24
7:00pm Roboto Project C_Robo, Bugabot, Saipheta, and Muto County
8:00pm Thunderbird Mates Of State
Sun 07-14-24
5:00pm Stage AE Hawthorne Heights, Thursday, Anberlin, Stick To Your Guns, This Wild Life
7:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Phillip Michael Scales
8:00pm Thunderbird Hot Freaks w/ Dante Elephante
Mon 07-15-24
7:00pm Stage AE Charley Crockett w/ John R. Miller
8:00pm Government Center Wailin Storms / Media Prophet / Wake Of The Blade
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Taxpayers w/ Crazy & The Brains, Apes Of The State, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club
Tue 07-16-24
7:00pm Roboto Project Mega Infinity w/ The Sneaky Heat Missiles + The Book Club
7:30pm Mr Small’s Theatre Jake Hill w/ Guccihighwaters and Ryan Oakes
8:00pm Warhol Hurray for the Riff Raff
Wed 07-17-24
6:00pm Roxian The Volunteers
8:00pm Club Cafe Prinze George w/ Jamuel L. Smackson
Thu 07-18-24
6:00pm Stage AE O.A.R. / Fitz and the Tantrums / DJ Logic
8:00pm Club Cafe Shel The Philosopher (Album Release Show) w/ Lexa Terrestrial, Barbados, Aurora Vera, Marc the Bull
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Detention w/ Main Street Detour, Ink, Crash Nebula
Fri 07-19-24
6:00pm Stage AE Jamey Johnson w/ Drake White
8:00pm Club Cafe The Dead End Streets w/ Tom Kurlander and Pale Blue Sound
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Defiant w/ Killin’ Me, Drowning Violet, Right On Warriors
8:00pm Government Center youbet / Truth Club / Pro Video
8:00pm Thunderbird Tsuruda x Onhell
Sat 07-20-24
7:00pm Stage AE The Flaming Lips
8:00pm Club Cafe The Pietasters w/ iNCO FIdO
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Boom Boom Shake w/ Ishtar
8:00pm Spirit Hall Redd Kross w/ Dale Crover
Sun 07-21-24
7:00pm Stage AE That Mexican OT w/ Maxo Kream
8:00pm Thunderbird Giacomo Turra & The Funky Minutes w/ Phoebe Katis
Mon 07-22-24
7:00pm Stage AE The Band CAMINO w/ Knox
Tue 07-23-24
1:00pm Stage AE Sad Summer Festival feat. Mayday Parade, The Maine, The Wonder Years, We The Kings, Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Hot Milk, Daisy Grenade, Diva Bleach
8:00pm Club Cafe Jake Kohn
Wed 07-24-24
7:00pm Stage AE Taking Back Sunday w/ Citizen
8:00pm Club Cafe All Under Heaven w/ Eyewash
Thu 07-25-24
6:00pm Preserving Underground Mizmor / Amarok / Úzkost / Veska
6:30pm Stage AE Lyle Lovett and his Large Band
8:00pm Club Cafe The Strike
8:00pm Spirit Lodge The Wonderlands w/ Moontown
Fri 07-26-24
4:00pm Stage AE idobi Summer School feat. Scene Queen, Stand Atlantic, Magnolia Park, The Home Team, Honey Revenge, Letdown.
8:00pm Club Cafe Rhett Miller
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Pop Baby w/ Mistr Vibes, Lorelai Paige, Sunday Complex
Sat 07-27-24
7:00pm Stage AE Guster w/ Kahone Concept
8:00pm Club Cafe Hana Vu w/ Babebee
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Bad Custer w/ DUUNES, Herbivore, Posterchild
Sun 07-28-24
6:00pm Stage AE Halestorm w/ Hollywood Undead, Fit For A King
7:00pm Roxian The Japanese House
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The Crane Wives w/ Yasmin Williams
Mon 07-29-24
7:00pm Stage AE Faye Webster w/ Julie
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Sleater-Kinney
Tue 07-30-24
5:00pm Stage AE Lamb Of God & Mastodon w/ Kerry King, Malevolence
8:00pm Club Cafe El Dorodo
Wed 07-31-24
6:00pm Stage AE Still Woozy w/ Michelle
7:00pm Roboto Project Thank You, I’m Sorry
8:00pm Club Cafe Hot Club of Cowtown
8:00pm Warhol Hatis Noit
Thu 08-01-24
7:30pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls MC Chris w/ Crunk Witch, Lys Scott
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Cults w/ Bnny
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Jeremy Pinnell
Fri 08-02-24
7:00pm Roxian Lucky Daye w/ Fana Hues
7:00pm Stage AE Debbie Gibson w/ Color Me Badd
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Doom Gong w/ Tony From Bowling, Melt
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Daisychain w/ Different Places In Space, The Yeggs, DJ Wabisabi
Sun 08-04-24
5:00pm RiverStone Estate Foxburg Echo Valley & The David Mayfiend Parade
8:00pm Club Cafe Ace Monroe
8:00pm Government Center Joyer / Villagerrr / Find My Friends
Mon 08-05-24
6:30pm Stage AE Chevelle w/ Tigercub
Tue 08-06-24
6:30pm Preserving Undground SeeYouSpaceCowboy w/ The Callous Daoboys, Omerta
Wed 08-07-24
5:00pm Stage AE Iration, Pepper w/ DENM, Artikal Sound System
8:00pm Thunderbird Hans Wiliams
Thu 08-08-24
6:00pm Stage AE PRIMUS, Coheed and Cambria, Puddles Pity Party
8:00pm Club Cafe Kind Hearted Strangers
Fri 08-09-24
6:00pm Stage AE Lindsey Stirling, Walk Off The Earth, Audriix
Sat 08-10-24
1:30pm Stage AE Dirty Heads, The Movement, The Elovaters, Third World, Roots of Creation, Fubar
4:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls Lil’ Fest II feat. Welcome To Metal-Vale feat. Zao w/ Dethlehem, Greywalker, Desolence, Windchimes, Trainwrecked, Disease of the Mind
8:00pm Club Cafe Cokeworks (Album Release Show) w/ Crash Nebula, Main Street Detour, This Summer
Sun 08-11-24
7:00pm Stage AE The Struts w/ Barns Courtney
Wed 08-14-24
6:00pm Stage AE Sublime With Rome
Thu 08-15-24
7:00pm Preserving Underground Krallice
Fri 08-16-24
7:00pm Roxian Maddie & Tae w/ Anna Vaus
8:00pm Club Cafe Bag Lady Sue
8:00pm Government Center Landowner
Sat 08-17-24
5:00pm Spirit Hall Steel City Ska Fest feat. Mustard Plug, Pilfers, Lady Hatchet, Stacked Like Pancakes, The Burnrides, The Skalarks
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Frostapalooza feat. Love Jerks, Scissors For Lefty, Elby Brass, Bethan, 123 Astronaut, & more
Sun 08-18-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Angie McMahon
Mon 08-19-24
6:30pm Stage AE The Script
Wed 08-21-24
6:30pm Preserving Underground A Skylit Drive w/ VRSTY, Ovtlier
7:00pm Roxian Dweezil Zappa
Thu 08-22-24
6:00pm Stage AE French Montana w/ Fabolous, Fivio Foreign
Fri 08-23-24
6:00pm Stage AE Koe Wetzel w/ Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler
8:00pm Funhouse @ Mr Smalls The Hipsters w/ Vento, Ziggy, Hawk And McCarthy
8:00pm Thunderbird Silverada (formerly Mike and the Moonpies)
Sat 08-24-24
6:30pm Roxian The Gaslight Anthem w/ Joyce Manor, Pinkshift
7:30pm Stage AE mike.
8:00pm Club Cafe Owen w/ Jeremy Boyle
Mon 08-26-24
8:00pm Carnegie Music Hall Oakland Waxahatchee w/ Tré Burt
Wed 08-28-24
6:30pm Stage AE Women Who Rock feat. Melissa Ethridge, DJ Femi
Fri 08-30-24
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Built To Spill
Sat 08-31-24
8:00pm Thunderbird King Buzzo & Trevor Dunn
Tue 09-03-24
7:00pm Roxian Sarah Jarosz
Wed 09-04-24
7:00pm Stage AE Goth Babe w/ Ritt Momney
Thu 09-05-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Brothertiger
Sat 09-07-24
7:00pm Stage AE Flatland Cavalry
Sun 09-08-24
6:00pm Roxian Leprous
Tue 09-10-24
6:00pm Stage AE Rival Sons & Clutch w/ Fu Manchu
Wed 09-11-24
6:30pm Stage AE Descendents & Circle Jerks w/ Surfbot
7:30pm Spirit Hall The Suicide Machines w/ Hey-Smith, Kill Lincoln, Bad Operation
Thu 09-12-24
5:00pm Stage AE In This Moment w/ Avatar, TX2
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre American Aquarium
8:00pm Thunderbird Joywave w/ Hunny
Fri 09-13-24
6:00pm Roxian Badflower w/ Slothrust, Missio
6:30pm Stage AE Charles Wesley Godwin w/ 49 Winchester
7:00pm Spirit Hall Goatwhore w/ Vitriol, Necrofier
8:00pm Pittsburgh Winery Veronica Swift
Sat 09-14-24
5:00pm Roxian Coal Chamber w/ Fear Factory, Twiztid, Wednesday 13, Black Satellite
Sun 09-15-24
7:00pm Roxian The Sisters Of Mercy w/ Blaqk Audio
8:00pm Spirit Lodge Soft Kill w/ Beton Arme, Not Time, Deluxxe
8:00pm Thunderbird My Brightest Diamond
Mon 09-16-24
6:45pm Mr Small’s Theatre Gwar w/ Brujeria, Cancer Christ, Brat
8:00pm Club Cafe Los Shadows
Tue 09-17-24
6:00pm Stage AE Dashboard Confessional w/ Boys Like Girls, Taylor Acorn
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre The White Buffalo + Shawn James
8:00pm Spirit Hall The Aces
Wed 09-18-24
5:00pm Stage AE Megadeth w/ Mudvayne, All That Remains
7:00pm Roxian Spoon w/ A Giant Dog
8:00pm Thunderbird Old 97s
Thu 09-19-24
7:00pm Stage AE The Red Clay Strays w/ Grace Bowers & The Hodge Podge
8:00pm Club Cafe Daniel Champagne
Fri 09-20-24
6:30pm Roxian Streetlight Manifesto
8:00pm Government Center See Night / Icarus Phoenix / Lez Paul
8:00pm Thunderbird Sierra Hull
Sat 09-21-24
8:00pm Thunderbird The Record Company
Mon 09-23-24
7:00pm Roxian The Beaches
8:00pm Thunderbird The Warning w/ Holy Wars
Tue 09-24-24
6:30pm Stage AE Underoath w/ Static Dress
Wed 09-25-24
7:00pm Roxian The Airborne Toxic Event w/ Tyler Ramsey
Thu 09-26-24
7:00pm Stage AE Remi Wolf w/ Lava La Rue
8:00pm Club Cafe Pansy Division w/ Bev Rage And The Drinks
Fri 09-27-24
7:00pm Roxian Briston Maroney w/ Why Not
7:00pm Stage AE The Hives w/ Bad Nerves
Sat 09-28-24
7:00pm Roxian Neko Case
8:00pm Thunderbird Mickey Guyton
Sun 09-29-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Under the Rug w/ Basic Printer
Mon 09-30-24
7:00pm Stage AE Sammy Rae & The Friends
Tue 10-01-24
6:30pm Stage AE Lake Street Drive w/ Tiny Habits
Wed 10-02-24
8:00pm Club Cafe The Dead Tongues
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Faun
Fri 10-04-24
6:30pm Presrving Underground Divide & Dissolve
7:00pm Roxian Lovett or Leave It
Sat 10-05-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Ben Ottewell and Ian Ball (of Gomez) w/ Buddy
Mon 10-07-24
7:00pm Roxian Marcus King w/ Brittney Spencer
Tue 10-08-24
6:00pm Roxian Hatebreed w/ Carcass, Crypta
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre DJ Shadow
8:00pm Thunderbird The Lemon Twigs
Wed 10-09-24
7:00pm Roxian Kaleo w/ Hembree
Fri 10-11-24
8:00pm Club Cafe Clem Snide w/ Rye Valley
Sat 10-12-24
6:45pm Preserving Underground Mushroomhead w/ Upon A Burning Body, There Is No Us, Mind Incision
7:00pm Roxian Ricky Montgomery w/ Ray Bull
7:00pm Stage AE Dispatch
8:00pm Thunderbird Stop Light Observations
Mon 10-14-24
7:00pm Stage AE Tori Kelly
Tue 10-15-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Kishi Bashi w/ Sweet Loretta
Wed 10-16-24
8:00pm Thunderbird The California Honeydrops
Fri 10-18-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Boris w/ Starcrawler
Sat 10-19-24
6:30pm Stage AE Opeth
Sun 10-20-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Little Stranger
Mon 10-21-24
7:00pm Roxian Inhaler
7:00pm Stage AE Club Myles Smith
8:00pm Spirit Hall Osees w/ Iguana Death Cult
Wed 10-23-24
7:00pm Roxian Buena Vista Social Orchestra
Thu 10-24-24
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Soul Asylum w/ The Juliana Hatfield Three
Fri 10-25-24
7:00pm Roxian Catfish and the Bottlemen
8:00pm Club Cafe Hunty Lytes / Ryan Yingst / Sean Harris
Sat 10-26-24
8:00pm Club Cafe The Billy Price Band
Tue 10-29-24
6:30pm Roxian Sueco w/ GXTP
Sat 11-02-24
7:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Miss May I w/ In Hearts Wake, Traitors & Bloom
7:00pm Roxian Tyler Hubbard w/ Alana Springsteen
7:00pm Stage AE Nate Smith w/ John Morgan
Sun 11-03-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Ruby Waters
Wed 11-06-24
7:00pm Stage AE Cold War Kids w/ Husbands
Thu 11-07-24
7:00pm Stage AE Morgan Wade w/ Abbey Cone
Mon 11-11-24
8:00pm Mr Small’s Theatre Ocie Elliot
Thu 11-14-24
6:00pm Stage AE Cory Wong feat. Mark Lettieri w/ Couch
Tue 11-19-24
8:00pm Thunderbird Slow Pulp w/ Free Range
Sat 11-30-24
6:00pm Roxian Punchline
Tue 12-03-24
8:00pm Spirit Evan Honer w/ Julia Digrazia
Sat 12-07-24
7:00pm Stage AE Gavin Adcock w/ Vincent Mason
Wed 12-11-24
7:30pm Benedum Kansas