The DeathMetalHippy Show

With Deathmetalhippy on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The DeathMetalHippy Show is only on WRCT! What is a deathmetalhippy? Someone who listens to Grateful Dead one moment and Cannibal Corpse the next. Classic Rock B Sides, Alternative, Jam Bands and all Genres of METAL plus sports talk, comedy and personal stories from the death metal hippie himself - often funny and often sad!! **The Deathmetalhippy will make you laugh, will make you cry , will make you shake your bootie and bang your head!** Only on WRCT FM PITTSBURGH - Thats 88.3 FM On your Pittsburgh Radio dial or WRCT.ORG to stream WORLDWIDE from your PC or Smartphone. The Deathmetalhippy show ONLY on WRCT in PITTSBURGH. Every Tuesday at 6pm.


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