Living in a Moon So Blue with John
Wed Dec 1, 2004 from 12:00 AM until 2:00 AM
Shake the Sheetslittle dawn
Shake the Sheetsbetter dead than lead
Elvis Costello and the ImpostersThe Delivery Manbutton my lip
CrimeSan Francisco's Still Doomed (Re-issue)twisted
Animal CollectiveSung Tongswho could win a rabbit
The Gothees... But Is It Art? Live Bootleg 2003-2004daily nightly
Wolf EyesBurned Mindstabbed in the face
Van MorrisonAstral Weeksballerina
The SweetSolid Gold Sweetfox on the run
Robyn HitchcockSpookedeverybody needs love
Pig DestroyerTerrifyerpretty in casts