Strange Waves with DJ Ren
Thu Oct 6, 2022 from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM
BotcashBehind the SmileLive
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66Mais Que NadaMais Que Nada ('89 Remix)
ODESZAThe Last Goodbye Remixes No. 1The Last Goodbye (ft. Bettye Lavette) DJ Seinfeld Remix
Happy HungerSingleJa Tum Chen Rai (What To Do)
Tai OrathaiTai Orathai Choot Tee 12 Sang Dai Sang LeawHug Lay
Gavin D.SingleGawd (Hug) (ft. Youngohm)
Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithLet's Turn It Into SoundThen the Wind Came
PalmySingleRibbon Love Color Black
Lil XSingleMaak Pa Layo (Enough Already)
IseastMaterialistLao Khao (Rice Liquor)
ScrubbSSS..S..STook Yang (Everything)
Chuck W ChapmanBurn It DownSadie Hawkins Slam Dance
WonderframeLINE...LINE... (ft. Youngohm)
ODESZAThe Last Goodbye Remixes No. 1Equal (ft. Lapsley) Nils Hoffman Remix
Happy HungerSingleKoom Layo Rue Yang (Is It Worth It Or Not?)
FIIXDDreams Come TrueYom Layo (Surrender Already)
Diamond MQTSingleVictoria's Secret
Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithLet's Turn It Into SoundLocate
Silly FoolsI.Q. 180Soo Mai Dai (Can't Fight)
25 Hours A DayKid Tueng Witaya (Thinking About Science) SoundtrackMai Dtung Gan (No Different)
T!NESingleKhi Ngao (Lonely)
CarabaoNam (Water)Nam (Water)
ODESZAThe Last Goodbye Remixes No. 1Forgive Me (ft. Izzy Bizu) Gilligan Moss Remix
Animal CollectiveFall Be KindWhat Would I Want? Sky
Lil GimchiFar From HomeHustle (ft. 1MILL)
Srirajah RockersSrirajah RockersNak Gin Paak (Vegetarian)
MILLI & YoungohmBangkok LegacyDark Knight (ft. Diamond MQT)
The Moon Will Always Be With MeNun (That)Nun (That)
TangBadVoiceSingleZombie Movie
Happy HungerSingleMua Dte Kid (Keep Thinking) (ft. Pu Bao Sleeping By The City)
Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithLet's Turn It Into SoundCheck Your Translation
OG-ANIC x MONASingleMai Wang (Unavailable)
SminoSingleI Deserve (ft. NOS)