Too Evil to Have a Human Name with Bill
Sun Jul 31, 2022 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
Dread SovereignAlchemical WarfareNature is the Devil's Church
Bog BodyCryonic Crevasse CultThe Temple of the Inevitable Flame
P.I.L.A.U.singleRipping Through Metal
MaulSeraphic PunishmentMonarchy of Mold
Kryptik MutationPulled From the PitEmpires of Galactic Misery
ShitlifeReign in BudYou Cried on Election Day (Illusion of Choice)
Torn in HalfBasic Instructions Before Leaving EarthAnimalistic Tendencies
Corrupted SaintMutilated Before the Masses Embalmed Alive
Bear MaceCharred Field of SlaughterHibernation - Destroyed By Bears
CastratorDefiled in OblivionBefoul My Existence
The Wakedead GatheringParallaxiomThe High Court of Biological Disposition
Negative PlaneThe PactThree Turns to the West
Sivyj YarGriefWasteland
DroughtRudra BhaktiFire Breathing (Urdva Kundali Arise)
Dressed In Streamsलड़ाई का मैदानThe Queen of Awadh Addresses Her Fighters From An Elephant On The Battlefield
Superletos GyvybesformosBeribis NezmoniskumasMistines Uteles
NihilvmLife-Death-EmptyKosy ostrze
X-CaliberWarriors of the NightThe Sword
FirmamentsingleThe Void
Riders of RohanRiders of RohanWhispers of a Nameless Fear
Celestial WizardWinds of The CosmosRevenant