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Various ArtistsBirdsong From The Lower BranchesKaren Constance: "What a dump"
Various ArtistsBroken BrainGoils, Goils, and Fripped: "If You're Gonna Steal, You Oughta"
Haleta Wellins Winter MountainGrayhavenside 2
Stuart Chalmers & Territorial GobbingGrow More FingersTonky Hawk
Christi DentonIX Pieces For UPIC#4
Lead PallLive from/Banned from the East Sidewith Daniel Malinsky
Psychonic ImagingNothing Is Often IgnoredGesticulating Shadows
AshcircleOff The Cliff EdgeStrategic Horizon
Various ArtistsRien Ni Personne ~a french compilationRoro Perrot: "Guelle de Chambre"
Territorial Gobbing/Chromlech Shadows/tChromlech Shadow: "The Tip Of His Decay"
Larry WendtSound Poems For An Era of Reduced ExpectationsRooster Music
Leif BrushStitching in Process- Windmixed DataHexagram Construct SAIC (1971)
Ron Kuivila & Christopher RiggsSynthesizer & Guitar#3
Dave Noyze & Brien TelkoTales From The Riverbank & Other StoriesWaste Gate Dump Valve
Natalia BeylisThe Steadfast Starry UniverseCave Of A Seashell
Rubber (() CementThylakoid Hubcaps N 'Chloroblast !!Superconducting Calcichips, Move Arms, Take Over !​!​!