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The ConduitsAttenuating CircumstancesSleek and Inhuman
Rake FliehrBelter Wonkernow jog
Astasie-AbasieAuto-ChangeSteam To Breed Part 2
Duncan HarrisonMusic From Amplified Flexible Discsside 1
Scar DealershipTaxi For BrahmsGelb
Richard MaxfieldBacchanale
(In)The Abyssity of The GroundsLive at Le Guess Who 2017improvisation #2
Crank SturgeonSpurious Gist MisterYour tape, sir
Various ArtistsFug Gum Vol. 3Angst hase Pffer Nase: "Embubbler"
Spinal MachineScraping It HardDo you like it here
Maria EstevezEsther's Brother Is MissingTrauma Recital
Mariam, Plastiglomerate, SW1n-HUNTER & YolALWAYS CHECK YOUR MIRRORSgrow more legs
Ron Kuivila & Christopher Riggsduo#2
Secluded BronteTakurokuUnknown Information
Matt WellinsA Mainline Switch
Various ArtistsPoesie Sonore Internationale 1979Hugh Davies: "Deux ressorts fort ambitieux qui ont envie d'être poétes sonores 1979"
Maggi PayneArctic WindsSurface Tension
Ezio Piermattei & Ben PrestoThe Balsamic DoctrineDon't Hoard Anymore (Ciocco Sciocco)/Dust Bowl Larks /The Balsamic Doctrine/Arrogant Sonata/Do This