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FurchickFurchick/Bim ProngsKetakutan burung
Angel Bat DawidThe OracleWe Are Starzz
Bill Dixon/Aaron Siegel/Ben HallWeight/CounterweightContrapposto
Roel MeelkopCrossmodulated#3
MRTYU!WitchfuckerTemple of The Elements
Left Hand Cuts Off The RightI Can Wait#1
Haleta Wellins Winter MountainHaleta Wellins Winter MountainActual Hair
Giblet GussetA Paltry OfferingNaked Neck
Dave PhillipsThey Livepart 2
Tatsuya Nakatani Gong OrchestraLive At The Music Gallery part III
Territorial GobbingWrecking The NeedleHula Soup
Various ArtistsLadyz In Noyz 3.5Sharkiface: "Blood Transfusion"