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telecorpsMainstream MotherFucker(Tom Qab Lub Teeb) Glarr Largg
Territorial Gobbing/Cromlech ShadowTerritorial Gobbing/Cromlech ShadowT. Gobbing: Tipex Manicure
Red Bruts/tHek part II
EvicshenHair BirthFever Pitch
(In)The Abyssity of The GroundsLive at Le Guess Who Festival 2017Improvisation #2
Various ArtistsFug Gum Vol. 3The Conduits: "Hail storm"
Various ArtistsJuneteenth: A Catalytic Sound compilation in support of the NAACP Legal DefenseJoe McPhee & Hamid Drake: "Keep Going"
Mogens Otto Nielsenden dynamiske violinEXIT. Stykke for hund og middagskoncert
Adam BohmanVoice Studies 21Junky/Dumky/Hornby
Maggi PayneArctic WindsSurface Tension
Lee RanaldoOutside My Window The City Is Never Silent: A Bestiary
Hermann NitschAkustisches Abreaktionsspielexcerpts, parts 1 & 2