Consolidation with Dan Strange
Wed Aug 16, 2017 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
Various ArtistsNoise Against RacismThese Gaping Jaws - "Under The Skin"
La Torture Des TรฉnรจbresCivilization Is The Tomb Of Our Noble GodsColumn Of Astrological Memories
ChumbawambaThe Day The Nazi Died
SeerVol. III & IV: Cult of the VoidThey Used Dark Forces
WodeWodeCloaked In Ruin
CormorantDiasporaPreserved In Ash
ChumbawambaThe Day The Nazi Died
OwlcrusherOwlcrusherFeeble Preacher
Shrine of the Serpent/Black UrnSplitShrine of the Serpent - "Desicrated Tomb"
Noothgrush/CorruptedSplitNoothgrush - "Hatred For The Species"
No Funeral/LividSplitNo Funeral - "Disease Brought By Depression"
God RootSalt and RotReclamation
Beast in the FieldThe Sacred Above The Sacred BelowAltar Made of Red Earth
Agoraphobic NosebleedArcGnaw
CowardiceWithout CondolenceThe Tearing Down
WrenAuburn RuleIn Great Yield
GoldOptimistTeenage Lust
SpectresConditionCoping Mechanism
ChumbawambaThe Day The Nazi Died