Consolidation with Dan Strange
Wed Jul 5, 2017 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
BidetBidet Tour Tape 2017Bully Pulpit/Ugly History
Articles of FaithBidet Tour Tape 2017Doesn't Have To Be This Way
SlouchToxic BitchNot A Girl
Grieve / No GodsSplit TapeGrieve - "No Gods"
Municipal WasteSlime and PunishmentAmateur Sketch
Slow DeathHate Filled WorldI'd Rather Be The Hammer
HarlottExtinctionFinal Weapon
WolfbrigadeRun With The HuntedWar On Rules
ForeseenGrave DangerSuicide Bomber
Sons of FamineAlcohol And RazorbladesMalicious Curse of Fate
Wolves Attack!!Piss On EverythingThe Pizza Incident
Tau CrossPillar of FireRFID
Royal ThunderWickApril Showers
PageninetynineDocument 7A Sonnet to Both Ugly and Murderous
King WomanCreated In The Image of SufferingManna
Ex EyeEx EyeOpposition/Perihelion; The Coil
PallbearerHeartlessLie of Survival
AscendAmple Fire WithinVOG
OriginUnparalleled UniverseUnequivocal
KratornasDevoured By DamnationArchangels of Destruction
Artificial BrainInfrared HorizonAnchored to the Inlayed Arc
BonehunterSexual Panic Human MachineEnter the Satan's Dimension
Zombie AssaultVideo NastyDeadites Rule OK
At The GatesSlaughter of the SoulSlaughter of the Soul
Lock UpDemonizationSunk
EntrapmentThrough Realms UnseenRuination
Death YellDescent Into HellSoulless
ObituaryObituaryIt Lives
americanCoping With LossDecedents
Lago / Calm HatcherySplit 7"Calm Hatchery - "Distant Pulsation"
Temple of VoidLords of DeathWretched Banquet
NorskaToo Many WintersEostre
MastodonEmperor of SandShow Yourself
The Ruins of BeverastExuviaSurtur Barbaar Maritime
Tutti I Colori Del BuioInitiation Into NothingnessThe Crab's Failure