Consolidation with Dan Strange
Wed Jun 28, 2017 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
Various ArtistsDriftworksPauline Oliveros/Randy Raine-Reusch - "Silence Echoes"
Joe McPheeNation TimeNation Time
Peter Brotzmann Chicago TentetSignsBird Notes
The Blue HumansClear to Higher TimeClear to Higher Time
AniconAphasiaFall From Earth
WoeHope AttritionDrown Us With Greatness
HighlandLoyal to the NightskyCycle of the Eternal Wheel
Taphos Nomos / UròunRIPTaphos Nomos - "Lightning Stroke Obliteration"
Doctor LivingstoneTriumphus HaereticiThe Grand Finale
VenenumTrance of DeathMerging Nebular Drapes
Lock UpDemonizationThe Plague That Stalks The Darkness
Grieve / No GodsSplit TapeNo Gods - "Gods Cruel Hand"
Endorphins LostChoose Your WayGod, Family, Football
MidnightShox of ViolenceWatch Your Step
Tau CrossPillar of FireRaising Golem
Birdflesh / Organ DealerSplitBirdflesh - "Dead Is Alive"
Birdflesh / Organ DealerSplitOrgan Dealer - "Exasperated"
The DripThe Haunting Fear of InevitabilityBlackest Evocation
SoulrotNameless Hideous ManifestationsThis Putrid Canvas
NecrotBlood OfferingsRather Be Dead
MarthyriumBeyond the ThresholdsThresholds of Devouring Abyss
OrdoxeTowards EternityYour Sorrow, My Sorrow
EvocationThe Shadow ArchetypeThe Coroner
Unearthly TranceStalking The GhostLion Strength