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Christine GroultL'Heure Alors S'Incline...
Various ArtistsNew Music For Electronic & Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977Annea Lockwood: "World Rhythms"
phil milsteinTapewormHi Joe; Feed Me!; Summer Camp; The Killer; Life Cycle
Various ArtistsRevue OUHugh Davies: "Shozyg 1&2"
Marcus SchmicklerPalace of Marvels [Queered Pitch]New Methodical Limits of Ascension
Various ArtistsElectroshock Presents Synthesizer ANSSchandor Kallosh: "Northern Tale"
Jean-Luc Guionnet/Toshimaru NakamuraMAP#2
Mike MinutoliEddie's Meow; Riff-Raff-Riff; Mambo Jambo
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCEMechanically Repetitive, ReRecorded Records RECORDMechanically Repetitive / ReRecorded Records Shuffled & Sampled (2004)
Peter BatchelorKaliedoscopeFuse
Ethan RoseCeiling Musicside a, #1
Joëlle Léandre/Jon RoseLes DomestiquesSoap Opera
Fleshtone Aura/Dylan NyoukissplitJeremy Sumpter Datapiknik; Abstract Travis Graft; Platinum Cave; Proud To Be Me; Succubus Interfacing; Rembrent Antikirariteiten; Rugged Andrew; Rugged Andrew
NoishBlack NatureBoids_01; Boids_02; Eetz_zzz
Toshi IchiyanagiObscure Tape Music of Japan Vol.17: FunakakushiLife Music
Various ArtistsNoise TwoTorturing Nurse: "Turntable Contract"
Secluded BronteSecluded in Jersey CitySlow Worm