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Sat Jun 7, 2014 from 5:20 PM until 8:00 PM
Mats GustafssonNeeds!It's Amore
BMB con.#7
Chop ShopCharge Tension Discharge
Martin TŽtreault/Otomo Yoshihide21 SituationsMachine; Émission; Tension; Cercle Noir
FoomSurface Noise and ImperfectionsForr; Tieu
Boy Dirt CarInstinctualThe Ghostshirt
Jean Dubuffet, Ilhan MimarogluMusiques pour Coucou BazarHide & Seek; The Rose
Tom CoraGumption In LimboBurning Hoop
Nigel Coombes and Steve BeresfordWhite String's AttachedWhite Strings Detatched
Johanna BeyerSticky MelodiesBees
BorbetomagusWork On What Has Been SpoiledConcordat 8
TorusLone Man In Silent Room: Beijing ImprovisationsGrass-Eating Man
Arcane DeviceDiabolis Ex MachinaMachina Epilogue
Thomas TillyScript Geometryreference recording; Crossroads, nodes
Klaus Filip & Dafne Vicente-SandovalRemotoclair
Douglas QuinAntarticaAt The Sea Edge (Underwater Recording Of Leopard Seals, Weddell Seals And Orcas
James Twig HarperNew Lost Knowns?
Secluded BronteSecluded in Jersey CityCyclops
Orchid SpangiaforaFlee Past's Ape ElfGulf; Distiller; Summertime
Pascal Battus & Christine Sehnaoui AbdelnourichnitesÉgrenages & Pelage
Various ArtistsNoise OneFujiu Wang: "Pulsing Surds"
Big City OrchestraJust Where Is That Sound#2
Russell HaswellSecond Live SalvageRussell Haswell & Toshiji Mikawa 10:12.81, 2007, IKKI, Kita Kyushu.