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Sat Apr 19, 2014 from 5:40 PM until 8:00 PM
Catherine Christer HennixThe Electric Harpsichord
das synthetische mischgewebeInterferences et Plus17:00
Jean Dubuffet, Ilhan MimarogluMusiques pour Coucou Bazarexcerpt, Coucou Bazar
Various ArtistsMighty Risen PleaKerry Wendell Thornley: "April 4th is Arthur Murray's birthday..."
Guillermo GregorioOtra MusicaVoces
Nigel Coombes and Steve BeresfordWhite String's AttachedWhite String Detatched
Lily GreenhamLingual MusicBorges
Billy RoizWalking The Monkey Spinning In Ecstacy
the HatersBlank BannerStrength Through Emptiness
John WieseGGAAll Heterosexual Sex Is Illogical
Ana-Maria AvramEd.Mn. 1015Ec-Static Crickets
Fossils/Bill ShuteDiesel Fallout Dixie StampedeDry Head-Cleaner
Various ArtistsDeep Wireless 6Risto Holopainen: "Mechanical Magpies"
Orchid SpangiaforaFlee Past's Ape ElfSecondhand Smoke