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Patrick KoskMondweiƟ Transmissions in a...(system of coordinates)
Klaus Filip & Dafne Vicente-SandovalRemotoobscur
tom recchionChaoticaThe Drinking Doctor
Emil BeaulieuDedicated to Charlie WardObit ; Staple Sneaks; Gerogerigaygaygayhomofaggotqueerpansy
Gen Ken MontgomeryDrilling Holes in The WallNew Age Machines, Part 2
Toshi IchiyanagiObscure Tape Music of Japan Vol.17: FunakakushiFunakakushi
John Carter and Bobby BradfordTandem (remastered)Portrait of J.B.G.
Tim Olive & Fritz WelchSun Reverse the Footpedal#6
Moe!StaianoAbsolute Tradition of No Traditionhe was gentle, even to small rocks
Fleshtone Aura/Dylan NyoukissplitSecondary Seasoning
Walter MarchettiLa CacciaLa Caccia (Quartetto n. 2)
Ilhan MimarogluCoucou Bazarexcerpt, Coucou Bazar (J. Dubuffet)
Smell and QuimPiss With Drills of Blood 7"side a
Sonic Disorder/The EarwigsThe 7" That Fucks Like a 12"No Threesome For You
Richard Barrettadriftcodex VII (to Vinko Globokar)
Nikolaus EinhornDon't you may be, the essential interview