Blue Velvet & Black Coffee with Patrick
Tue Apr 8, 2014 from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM
Angelo Badalamentiblue velvet sountrackblue velvet featuring Isabella Rossellini
Foster The PeopleFoster The Peopleare you what you wanna be
Thievery CorporationSaudadeLe Coeur featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
Parra for Cuvacd singleWicked Games
london grammarcd singlenow (Wild CultureMore Sub Remix)
Bonobocd singlethe keeper - Banks remix
MogwaiRave Tapesdeesh
ToscaOdeonin my brain prinz eugen
The Glitch MobLove Death Immortalityour demons
colourboxcolourboxjust give'em whiskey
The Wolfgang PressBirdwood Cageshut that door
Public Service BroadcastingThe War Roomspitfire
Trentemollerinto the great wide yonderSilver surfer ghost rider go
The Balconiesfast motionsmoving parts
Nils FrahmSpacesWent Missing
twin freaksagent cooper lurvs coffeeagent cooper lurvs coffee - loglady remix
Tychocd singleAwake
PhantogramVoicesfall in love
Puracanein limbo: the lost puracane sessionsSand
AaVOYAaGERglow wreath
St. VincentSt. Vincentpsycopath
PolicaShulamithVery Cruel
Cibo MattoHotel Valentinecheck in
WarpaintRough Trade SessionsMajesty (Live)
Wye OakShriekglory
Kafka Tamuracd singleLullabies (Live)
Mayssa KaraaAmerican Hussle SoundtrackWhite Rabbit