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BorbetomagusZurichNein is the Lonliest Number
Le SyndicatIgniturRessurection of the Steel
Various ArtistsElectroshock Presents Synthesizer ANSSofia Gubaidulina: "Vivente-Non Vivente"
Various ArtistsRevue OUFrançois Dufrêne: "Haut-Satur"
Bran(...)PosDen of Ordure and IridesenceSawed Off at Plasticized Forest
Henry JacobsAround The World with Henry JacobsBrown Pastures
Klaus Filip & Dafne Vicente-Sandovalremotoclair
Lasse Marhaug & Mark WastellKiss of Acid
lasse marhaugThe Great SilenceThe New Sound
Donna ParkerDebutantego fuck yourself; beehive; agility trial
Various Artists...And The Vultures Miss NothingOnomatopoeia: "A Pigshit of a Situation"
BusRatchTokei Nikkiside a, #1
Rowe/Lehn/SchmicklerRabbit Run
FoomSurface Noise and ImperfectionsThre; Whun
Kandalini NivagretskiMurder Bingo
commode minstrels in bullface Toi-Noddingturn Fan World War Steakatto Hair is the Turd of The Body
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