Too Evil to Have a Human Name with Bill
Sun Dec 15, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
ArchonOuroboros CollapsingWorthless
ThrallAokigahara JukaiAokigahara Jukai
DeathScream Bloody GoreRegurgitated Guts
ImmolationClose to a World BelowFather, You're Not a Father
NocturnusThresholdsClimate Controller
Ares KingdomIncendiaryBeasts That Perish
Holy TerrorMind WarsThe Immortal Wasteland
ArtilleryLegionsAnno Requiem
Twilight of the GodsFire on the MountainDestiny Forged in Blood
SupervoidFilamentsWake of the Smoke Jumper
Storm KingEverything That's Meaningful In Your Life Will Be DestroyedAdrift
ArgusBeyond the MartyrsBy Endurance We Conquer
InquisitionObscure Verses for the MultiverseMaster of the Cosmological Cauldron
DarkthroneUnder a Funeral MoonNatassja In Eternal Sleep
SPKLeichenschreiSide 2
ImmortalPure HolocaustFrozen By Icewinds
ValdurAt War WithIncantre
PhantomIncendiary SerumJudge Them
שְׁאוֹל (Sheol)Sepulchral Ruins Below The TempleSpiritual Dessication