Too Evil to Have a Human Name with Bill
Sun Oct 27, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
AnagnorisisBeyond All LightEulerian Path
Gnaw Their TonguesAll The Dread Magnificence Of PerversityThe Stench of Dead Horses On My Breath and the Vile of Existence in My Hands
VastumPatricidal LustRepulsive Arousal
GodfleshPureLove, Hate (Slugbaiting)
Abyssous...SmoulderingThe Inverter
Altar of PlaguesTeethed Glory & InjuryScald Scar of Water
ProfanaticaThy Kingdom CumFalse Doctrina
MasonnaInner Mind Mystiqueinner mind mystique 2
MardukRom 5:121651
Controlled BleedingBody SamplesII
Controlled BleedingSongs from the Grinding WallThe Groan
UlcerateVermisThe Imperious Weak
DeicideDeicideSacrificial Suicide
Toxic HolocaustChemistry of ConsciousnessAcid Fuzz
Cop ProblemBuried Beneath White NoiseBear Witness
SupervoidFilamentsBraymerian: War Elephant
SahgDelusions Of GrandeurSlip Off the Edge of the Universe
Death AngelThe Dream Calls For BloodCaster of Shame
SkeletonwitchSerpents UnleashedFrom a Cloudless Sky
InquisitionObscure Verses for the MultiverseJoined by Dark Matter Repelled by Dark Energy
The BodyChrists, RedeemersPrayers Unanswered
GnawHorrible ChamberWorm