Matt's Show with Matt
Wed Mar 14, 2012 from 9:00 PM until 11:00 PM
Sons of People We KnowFiery Homes
Club BangerepRoody Poo Candyass
Red HandsdemoThe Waves Won't Destroy Themselves
Against Me!Searching for a Former ClarityDon't Lose Touch
Young Tom FuryI'm Still Here, Asshole
stone temple pilotsTiny Music . . . Songs From the Vatican GiftshopLady Picture Show
A Place to Bury StrangersOnwards to the WallNothing Will Surprise Me
Spank RockEverything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking LiarBaby
Alkaline TrioMaybe I'll Catch FireClavicle
PiebaldWe Are the Only Friends We HaveAmerican Hearts
The WeakerthansReconstruction SiteMy Favourite Chords
We Were Promised JetpacksThese Four WallsKeeping Warm
We Are AugustinesRise Ye Sunken ShipsChapel Song
My Morning JacketCircuitalOutta My System
the City Streetsthe Jazz AgeSlothrop's Ghost
The SubmarinesThe Shoelaces EPYour Silent Face
Animal CollectiveSung TongsKids On Holiday
a voice like rhetoricWhy WIcked Words SlipHold On To Hello
ShinerThe EggToo Much of Not Enough
HumYou'd Prefer an AstronautStars
Tall ShipsThere Is Nothing But Chemistry HereBooks
the blacktop cadenceOff-Track
TurbonegroApocalypse DudesPrince of the Rodeo
Various ArtistsReady. Set. Go!Girl, You're Beautiful (Pat & Ryan)
Mark LaneganBlues Funeralthe Gravedigger's Song
Shake the SheetsHeart Problems
Circle JerksWild in the StreetsI Wanna Destroy You